Why should you tour to the Sian Kaan Reserve?   What can you expect from a place called in Mayan Language (Sian Ka’an): Doors of the sky or Origin of the sky…? Well, just an amazing day to explore the natural wonders of Mexico! This is why booking a tour to the Sian Kaan Reserve during your holidays is a great idea!   Sian Kaan biosphere reserve is located 20/30 minutes south of Tulum. In 1987 UNESCO declared the national

Valladolid city

Valladolid city, Pueblo Magico “Magic town”   Valladolid city is located in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula, 2 hours driving from Cancun or Playa del Carmen (+/- 90miles/150km). It is the ideal stop before/after visiting one of the famous New Wonder of the world, Chichen Itza ruins, which are located close by.   In order to develop tourism activity in Yucatan, Valladolid was elected Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) in 2012. Its colourful houses and haciendas make this colonial city

What to drink in the Riviera Maya

What to drink in the Riviera Maya? Tips to be safe!   Drinking during your vacation on the Mexican Caribbean is part of the game!!! Please, play safe and know more about water, drinks and alcohol!!! Hydration during your holidays is really important due the heat and the activities you going to perform. That is why is really important to know more of what you could drink to keep you healthy and happy Water!   Key rule: only drink purified

Monkey Sanctuary

  Monkey Sanctuary in the Riviera Maya   Monkeys are one of the most famous animals in the animal kingdom. We share a lot of things with them, from the skills to build a community, to the abilities to use different tools to get food.   On the Mexican Caribbean we have two species of them. You may see some of them, playing, getting close to you! This reminds us the importance of conservation… The best place to encounter monkeys


Which things to do with kids during your holidays in the Riviera Maya? When you are traveling with your family, you are surely looking for some tours or excursions where your kids could spend a wonderful day, have fun and waste all the energy they have! There are several activities that can fit perfectly for kids and teens. For example the teens would love to fly on a zip line or to ride on an ATV while younger kids will


  Casa Cenote Snorkeling: A very special special   The mangroves and the ocean made Casa Cenote one of the most beautiful cenotes of the Riviera Maya. When you swim in its water, you have to pay attention to both below and above the water to enjoy all the special guests living in this wonder…   Casa Cenote is located close to Tulum and is part of the biggest underwater system called “Sac Actun” (meaning White Cave in Mayan). Actually

Riviera Maya Holidays

  What to pack for your Riviera Maya Holidays ?   Once you’ve booked your holidays in the Riviera Maya, the next step will be to pack your suitcase for your exciting Mexican vacation! We know how hard it can be to keep track of everything you need to bring along on a trip, so we’ve come up with a handy list of recommended items to help ensure you don’t leave anything important at home.   Clothing When you start


Las Coloradas Pink Lagoon!   Do you dream to go to a surreal landscape, making people ask you if it is real? Then “Las Coloradas” is the place to go while you are on holidays in the Peninsula of Yucatan! Located at approximately 170 miles/3h30 driving from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, Las Coloradas, known as well as “pink lakes” are lagoons close to the ocean with bright pink color.     Salt Production:   Las Coloradas are the place

Dos Ojos cenote.   Dos Ojos cenote: two beautiful turquoise eyes are looking to the sky. These eyes actually are two cenotes (if seen them from above), they have everything to amaze anyone who is willing to explore in a magical place! Dos Ojos is one of the most famous cenotes not only to scuba dive but also to snorkel in the Mexican Riviera Maya. Dos Ojos cenote is the third largest underwater river of the world with more than

Cenote Xkeken

Cenote Xkeken and Samula Cenote Xkeken and cenote Samula are two cenotes that could transport you to some movies of the 80s (Goonies or Indiana Jones), the big difference is that here you can enjoy ones of the most beautiful and not crowded cenotes of the Yucatan. These cenotes are similar to Ik kil but less visited, that helps you to enjoy your swim and relax in the fresh water with a gorgeous view of the cave where you could

Cenote Tak be Ha

Cenote Tak Be Ha   Cenote Tak-Be Ha (hidden route of water in maya) is the best cenote to start to fall in love with snorkeling in caves and perhaps in a future scuba-diving in these amazing formations of limestone.   Cenotes are holes of fresh water in the jungle. There are different types of cenotes: open-cenotes, and cave-cenotes. This classification is related with the age of the cenote. The oldest ones are the ones who are completely open and

Cenote Jaguar

  Cenote Jaguar, show your courage like a Jaguar!   Jumping from several platforms would be a good way to get cooler in the Riviera Maya. If you never tried a zip line, Cenote Jaguar is the right place to try it!   Why this name? The Jaguar is one of the most emblematic animals for the mayan culture. The Jaguar is related with the underworld, the night and the caves, which are the entrance of the underworld. They consider