“Noches de Kukulkan” Absolute Adventure Mexico is always proud to offer patrons the ability to discover more about the Chichen Itza ruins. Well, we’ve done it again with our tour – The Chichen Itza Night Show!   To begin the tour, we provide private transportation from your hotel in Playa del Carmen and surrounding areas in the Rivera Maya. The drive is generally clocked around two and a half hours with a venture down the toll road included. Don’t worry,

Maya ruins are located deep within the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and hold the keys to the mysteries of the Mayan civilization and secrets that, to this day, are sill being uncovered and discovered. One of the most impressive and spectacular Mayan ruins is Chichen Itza. Our Chichen Itza tour with Absolute Adventure promises to be engaging, exciting, informative and one-of-a-kind.      

Nothing can prepare you for the spiritually moving experience of climbing the steps of one of the tallest pyramid ever constructed by the Mayans at the ruins of Coba! Once atop the 40 meter (130 ft) pyramid, your reward will be the same breathtaking view witnessed by the very Mayans who so masterfully designed and built this magnificent structure centuries ago! Absolute Adventure’s Coba tour offers a rare glimpse into the mysterious past of the Mayans.     After visiting

Cenotes (say-‘NO-tays) are an underground system of stunning, water-filled caves and caverns that formed when rainwater, falling over millennia, wore away the limestone and filled the caves with water. As the roofs of these caves collapsed, underwater sinkholes and caverns formed. The Mayans called them cenotes. Exploring them is a unique experience not found anywhere else in the world. Don’t hesitate, snorkleing in cenote should be on your top 3 of the things to do during your stay!    

Breathtaking! Spectacular! Beautiful! These are the words most often used when describing the Tulum Mayan ruins. Book a Tulum tour and let Absolute Adventure be your guide as you rediscover this archeological treasure of wonder and beauty!     We know the best times to take you on your exclusive tour to avoid the crowds. Be sure to bring a bathing suit because afterwards, you can take a swim in the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean or lie on

  Akumal Bay regulation – Swim with the turtles     You may have seen or read many things on social media about the Swim with Turtles activity, some companies offer this tour, some others don’t, some people say it is allowed or not allowed… To help you to understand the issue, here the details of the new Akumal Bay regulation, and the good news is that it is possible to swim with the turtles!     Akumal Bay has high

Never trust to a Mexican who says “no, it’s not spicy! – no picante” Eating with salsa (any type of chili / habanero crushed with spices and water) is part of our Mexican culture. In any meal we usually add little bit of picante! Mexicans cannot eat a taco without salsa. Spicy is making people addicted, and people get used to eat it, but to which level? Are Mexican just Macho and brave!?   What’s happening when I eat spicy?

Mexican celebrations. Palacio municipal 1

Why do Mexican party a lot? There are a lot of Mexican Celebrations and…   ….Mexicans love parties… it is famous around the world that we like to enjoy a big meal with some tequila and our favorite Mexican music. Any chance, opportunity, free time is great to celebrate and party!   Like any country we have special celebrations. Some are really important for our country, our honour, our history & cultural heritage, and others are to remember our loved


Why should you tour to the Sian Kaan Reserve?   What can you expect from a place called in Mayan Language (Sian Ka’an): Doors of the sky or Origin of the sky…? Well, just an amazing day to explore the natural wonders of Mexico! This is why booking a tour to the Sian Kaan Reserve during your holidays is a great idea!   Sian Kaan biosphere reserve is located 20/30 minutes south of Tulum. In 1987 UNESCO declared the national

Valladolid city

Valladolid city, Pueblo Magico “Magic town”   Valladolid city is located in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula, 2 hours driving from Cancun or Playa del Carmen (+/- 90miles/150km). It is the ideal stop before/after visiting one of the famous New Wonder of the world, Chichen Itza ruins, which are located close by.   In order to develop tourism activity in Yucatan, Valladolid was elected Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) in 2012. Its colourful houses and haciendas make this colonial city

What to drink in the Riviera Maya

What to drink in the Riviera Maya? Tips to be safe!   Drinking during your vacation on the Mexican Caribbean is part of the game!!! Please, play safe and know more about water, drinks and alcohol!!! Hydration during your holidays is really important due the heat and the activities you going to perform. That is why is really important to know more of what you could drink to keep you healthy and happy Water!   Key rule: only drink purified

Monkey Sanctuary

  Monkey Sanctuary in the Riviera Maya   Monkeys are one of the most famous animals in the animal kingdom. We share a lot of things with them, from the skills to build a community, to the abilities to use different tools to get food.   On the Mexican Caribbean we have two species of them. You may see some of them, playing, getting close to you! This reminds us the importance of conservation… The best place to encounter monkeys