Our private Rio Lagartos tour is ideal for families and groups who are interested in spending a relaxing day enjoying the natural wonders of the Yucatán Peninsula.     After leaving the Rio Lagartos village, we’ll drive to Las Coloradas, that time to observe the lagoons from the salt factory side. The tour usually ends with us driving back to Playa del Carmen – Riviera Maya around 4/5 pm.        

Are you interested in experiencing a living Mayan community and discovering Punta Laguna Monkey Sanctuary?     With a population of approximately 30 families, Punta Laguna Monkey Sanctuary is a thriving area that welcomes tourists! These natives welcome all individuals to visit and learn by participating in historic day to day activities. Absolute Adventure Mexico offers Punta Laguna tours of the Mayan Jungle with an emphasis in this spider monkey reserve.     Otoch Ma’ax Yetel Kooh, or Punta Laguna,

Take a private boat tour and discover the best reef snorkeling in the Riviera Maya     Once we reach Puerto Morelos, we’ll head out into the water on a private boat equipped with a shade to help you stay cool and avoid the sun. We also provide drinks on the boat, while bathrooms are available on the nearby pier. Best of all, we provide all of the snorkeling equipment you’ll need at no additional cost, including wetsuits, life jackets

Caribbean Sea Snorkeling with a View! Snorkeling in Tulum.     To begin our tour “reef snorkeling in Tulum”, we pick you up at your hotel in private, air-conditioned vehicle to bring you to the location. When you arrive at the marina, you will be taken to a private vessel with a personable guide. Our goal is that your feel that this trip was meant for you…because it was. We adapt every aspect of our tour to your specific needs

  Imagine for a moment, you are on a boat in beautiful turquoise-colored water on a picture perfect day off the sunny coast of Mexico when suddenly…you spot it…not only the largest fish in the entire world, but the biggest shark in the sea! Your pulse quickens, your heart begins to pound. Whale Sharks are just next to you!      

How would you like to snorkel in between mangroves and the ocean? With the addition of a beautiful landscape and some of the most colorful fish in the world, you will be experiencing the unique Yal Ku Lagoon Snorkel Experience.     To dive more into logistics, Yal-Ku is located approximately 45 minutes south from Playa del Carmen. All snorkeling equipment is provided by us, so that you will not have to bring anything but the essentials. We’ll spend around

Another day trip option is to go straight to Ek Balam in the morning followed by lunch in beautiful Valladolid. On the way back to Playa del Carmen, we can stop for an afternoon swim in a cenote, so make sure to bring along your swimsuit! After the day’s adventures, you’ll certainly be ready to cool off, relax and enjoy a refreshing dip in one of these beautiful freshwater pools that are unique to the area.      

Either way, you can conclude your Muyil tour by opting to take a boat ride around the gorgeous Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, which is home to fascinating animals like crocodiles, monkeys, and jaguars! If you want to know even more about our tours of Muyil, feel free to contact us.  

If you like to snorkel, then you will absolutely love our snorkeling with turtles tour. This is one of our most popular tours and is guaranteed to give you the incredible adventure you are looking for, and one that you will remember for a lifetime!          

“Noches de Kukulkan” Absolute Adventure Mexico is always proud to offer patrons the ability to discover more about the Chichen Itza ruins. Well, we’ve done it again with our tour – The Chichen Itza Night Show!   To begin the tour, we provide private transportation from your hotel in Playa del Carmen and surrounding areas in the Rivera Maya. The drive is generally clocked around two and a half hours with a venture down the toll road included. Don’t worry,

Maya ruins are located deep within the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and hold the keys to the mysteries of the Mayan civilization and secrets that, to this day, are sill being uncovered and discovered. One of the most impressive and spectacular Mayan ruins is Chichen Itza. Our Chichen Itza tour with Absolute Adventure promises to be engaging, exciting, informative and one-of-a-kind.      

Nothing can prepare you for the spiritually moving experience of climbing the steps of one of the tallest pyramid ever constructed by the Mayans at the ruins of Coba! Once atop the 40 meter (130 ft) pyramid, your reward will be the same breathtaking view witnessed by the very Mayans who so masterfully designed and built this magnificent structure centuries ago! Absolute Adventure’s Coba tour offers a rare glimpse into the mysterious past of the Mayans.     After visiting