Dos Ojos cenote.   Dos Ojos cenote: two beautiful turquoise eyes are looking to the sky. These eyes actually are two cenotes (if seen them from above), they have everything to amaze anyone who is willing to explore in a magical place! Dos Ojos is one of the most famous cenotes not only to scuba dive but also to snorkel in the Mexican Riviera Maya. Dos Ojos cenote is the third largest underwater river of the world with more than

Cenote Xkeken

Cenote Xkeken and Samula Cenote Xkeken and cenote Samula are two cenotes that could transport you to some movies of the 80s (Goonies or Indiana Jones), the big difference is that here you can enjoy ones of the most beautiful and not crowded cenotes of the Yucatan. These cenotes are similar to Ik kil but less visited, that helps you to enjoy your swim and relax in the fresh water with a gorgeous view of the cave where you could

Cenote Tak be Ha

Cenote Tak Be Ha   Cenote Tak-Be Ha (hidden route of water in maya) is the best cenote to start to fall in love with snorkeling in caves and perhaps in a future scuba-diving in these amazing formations of limestone.   Cenotes are holes of fresh water in the jungle. There are different types of cenotes: open-cenotes, and cave-cenotes. This classification is related with the age of the cenote. The oldest ones are the ones who are completely open and

Cenote Jaguar

  Cenote Jaguar, show your courage like a Jaguar!   Jumping from several platforms would be a good way to get cooler in the Riviera Maya. If you never tried a zip line, Cenote Jaguar is the right place to try it!   Why this name? The Jaguar is one of the most emblematic animals for the mayan culture. The Jaguar is related with the underworld, the night and the caves, which are the entrance of the underworld. They consider

  Cenote Pet Cemetery – Sac Actun Cenote Pet Cemetery! The name is scary… but snorkeling in this cenote is astonishing and nothing to be afraid of!   Known locally as Cenote Pet Cemetery, its real Mayan name is Sac Actun (White cave). This cenote is part one of the largest streams in the world that runs through the entire Yucatan peninsula. The Sac Actun system is 143.4 miles! (230.8 km). People around the world seek this stream for scuba diving in

Cenote Nicte-Ha If you want to swim in cenote where you could feel in a magical and beautiful world, Nicte-Ha cenote is the right for you!   Nicte-Ha (flower of water in maya) is the name of one of Mayan’s legend. The legend described a secret love history between Nicte-Ha (She was the guard of the sacred cenote) and the Prince of Palenque (ChakTzitzib in maya). The prince had to married with another princess from distant lands but he tried

Whale Shark regulation

Swim with Whale Shark regulation in the Riviera Maya Season 2017     The season of the whale sharks in the Yucatan Peninsula begins from mid-May and ends close to the mid of September. However, the greatest concentration of whale sharks that you can find in Riviera Maya is between the months of July and August.   Swimming with the largest fish in the ocean world (the largest animal of the world is the blue whale but it is a

Identifying green sea turtle is not that simple!   When you look at a sea turtle, you would think that their common name (Green Turtle) will give you the perfect description of the specie, but when you found out that their carapace color varies from dark green (called black sea turtle on the Pacific) to yellow, brown and green tones with shining stripes, it could be confusing! Here some key facts, which can help you the next time you will

  Akumal Bay regulation – Swim with the turtles     You may have seen or read many things on social media about the Swim with Turtles activity, some companies offer this tour, some others don’t, some people say it is allowed or not allowed… To help you to understand the issue, here the details of the new Akumal Bay regulation, and the good news is that it is possible to swim with the turtles!     Akumal Bay has high

Mayan Chicle

Bring a “Piece” of Your Mayan Adventure Home   Are you looking for an amazing gift this holiday season that doesn’t take up much room in your luggage? Look no further! At Absolute Adventure Mexico, we are proud to offer 100% natural Mayan Chicle  – Chewing Gum straight from the Mayan Chicozapote Tree.   For years, Absolute Adventure has been proud to offer private tours of the Mayan Jungle, the second largest forest on the American continent after the Amazonian.

  To make a vacation to the Riviera Maya Mexico complete, you must take a snorkeling tour. When you snorkel with Absolute Adventure, we promise you a memorable experience tailored to your wants and needs. While we want everyone to be able to enjoy freedom in the water, our first priority is the safety of our customers and our environment. We promote the well-being of our ocean and encourage everyone to respect it as well.   Six Reasons You Should


Tulum has undoubtedly become one of the most visited destinations after Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. And the primary reason for that is the very fact that it is located near the Caribbean Ocean. Moreover, Tulum has also officially become a Pueblo Magico along with the beautiful and magnificent island of Isla Mujeres and Bacalar. So, in essence there are a total of 3 Pueblo Magico in the Quintana Roo state.   A Stronghold Before – An Amazing

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