cenote nicte-ha

Cenote Nicte-Ha

cenote nicte-ha, swim in a magical world

If you want to swim in cenote where you could feel in a magical and beautiful world, Nicte-Ha cenote is the right for you!

Nicte-Ha (flower of water in maya) is the name of one of Mayan’s legend. The legend described a secret love history between Nicte-Ha (She was the guard of the sacred cenote) and the Prince of Palenque (ChakTzitzib in maya). The prince had to married with another princess from distant lands but he tried to married secretly with Nicte-Ha. An Evil priest found about his plans and killed Nicte-Ha in the arms of the prince. He cried so much that the lord of the water transform Nicte-Ha in a beautiful water lily and him in a gallant red cardinal who can visit her for the eternity.

Each cenote has unique characteristics, here are the specifics of Cenote Nicte-Ha:

  • Activities: Swimming / Snorkeling
  • Special for: Beautiful water lilies, sometimes little turtles in the water!, small fishes and really quiet environment, perfect for families and for less experiments swimmers. Small cliff jump, ideal for kids.
  • Type of Cenote: Open Cenote, with a small semi open cave.
  • Depth: 3-9 ft
  • Mandatory: Lifejacket
  • Access: One-platform/few steps
  • Facilities: Bathroom
  • Location: close from Tulum



You could combine this cenote with other activities during your private tour, like:



Swimming in cenotes is a really peaceful experience, you can relax and enjoy from the nature and your siblings. Contact us and book a private tour with us!


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