seaweed in riviera maya

Seaweed in Riviera Maya

All you Need to Know About Seaweed in Riviera Maya

During your Riviera Maya vacation you may come across some seaweed, but it needn’t spoil your stay. Here are some facts about seaweed, and some water-based activities in Riviera Maya that are not affected by it.

What causes seaweed in Riviera Maya?

Seaweed is a natural phenomenon that has always existed in Riviera Maya. Even the first Spanish navigators mentioned it in their records. However, in recent years there is slightly more. Scientists think this may be due to warmer ocean temperatures, currents changing, and fertilizers washing into rivers and then finding their way into the ocean.

Is there a best time to avoid seaweed in Riviera Maya?

Like most plants, seaweed thrives in warmer temperatures. The ocean is warmest in late spring and summer. Plan your visit during the winter months when the climate on the Riviera Maya is beautiful, and the beaches will be less affected by seaweed.

What do the authorities do to reduce seaweed?

Hotels, resorts and restaurants all do their part in clearing seaweed from the beaches. Riviera Maya authorities and volunteer groups also regularly clean the beaches of seaweed, but new deposits can reappear overnight.

Things to do in Riviera Maya that are not affected by seaweed

If you don’t like swimming and snorkeling in waters that have some seaweed, visit some of the freshwater attractions in Riviera Maya.

Swim in Cenote

Take a private tour that includes swimming and snorkeling in a cenote – it’s a unique and beautiful experience. Cenotes are natural spring-fed sinkholes in the jungle with crystal clear water surrounded by amazing scenery. Each cenote is different – some are open to the sky while others are covered, like caves. Quieter cenotes are ideal for nervous or beginner swimmers. Instead of going to the beach, you can visit a different cenote every day to find your favorite!

Floating River

Visit the Floating Canals at Sian Ka’an. From the boat trip, don a life vest and jump into the gently moving river. Float through the mangroves is an amazing way to experience the natural beauty in this UNESCO Biosphere


Swim and relax in the surreal Bacalar Lagoon with its 7 shades of blue and turquoise waters. Swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking can all be enjoyed in the stunningly beautiful lagoon

Other seaweed-free activities include:


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Seaweed Situation Today

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