cenotes private tour

Cenotes Private Tour

Epic Natural Wonders Are The Jewels of The Jungle

Imagine floating in a crystal-clear body of water hidden in the lush Mexican jungle. Roots of trees grow over rocks to reach the refreshing water making the landscape look like a scene from a Hollywood adventure movie- unbelievably beautiful. Tropical birds dance above the water, adding an incredible soundtrack to this surreal experience. These natural wonders are openings to an underwater river system, the largest in the world.

The Cenotes are sinkholes that let us experience the crystalline freshwater through the openings time has created. Every Cenote is unique in shape and size, but all are awe-inspiring. The Cenotes range from cave experiences where you can swim among stalagmites and stalactites. There are also open Cenotes with jumping platforms and zip lines for adrenaline lovers. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or floating- Cenotes are a unique experience in the natural world. Tourists from across the globe flock to admire and enjoy the Rivieras Maya’s stunning Cenotes. After visiting one or two or more, you will understand why.

Experience The Best Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

Many Cenotes are not always easily accessible. One of the many advantages of booking a Cenotes Private Tour with Absolute Adventure is that we know the best Cenotes in the area and the best times to visit them to avoid crowds. Our tours include quality equipment like snorkels, masks, flashlights, and wetsuits. We have trained and professional English-speaking guides who will share their knowledge of these incredible natural wonders with you. With comfortable air-conditioned travel, you can get picked up and dropped off without concerns. Spend more time enjoying your experience with total peace of mind. Our team at Absolute Adventures provides you with the best Cenote experience possible. We proudly offer our clients numerous choices of Cenotes to visit: open, semi-open, or cave. By personalizing your private tour, we know it will make your day even more special.

Below are the 8 BEST Cenotes Private Tours we offer at Absolute Adventure. Which of our tours will make your trip to the Riviera Maya extra magical?

Cenote dos ojos private tour

Cenote Dos Ojos Adventure

This unique cenote private tour features three Cenotes. First, we visit Nicte Ha. The water here is clear, and the vegetation is breathtaking; a perfect spot to snorkel to enjoy seeing fish. The water is shallow, and gorgeous water lilies make this Cenote picture-perfect. Next, we experience Dos Ojos Cenote, which means “two eyes” in Spanish and from above does resemble its name. Explore the two cave Cenotes and swim among stalagmites and stalactites. Are you feeling adventurous? Add on our Bat Cave experience- it is legendary. The Bat Cave is only accessible with a guide, and we have you covered. Ready to relax? Within the jungle around the cenotes are hammocks where you can enjoy the flowers and birds. Finish the tour with a delicious Mayan Lunch.

2 Cenotes Private Tour from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum

Swim & Snorkel in 2 Cenotes

This tour offers our clients a personalized Cenote experience. This tour is suitable for all swim levels. There are numerous Cenotes to choose from. We suggest combining one cave cenote and one open cenote. No matter what two cenotes you pick to experience, we are confident that it will be a memorable day. Our award-winning tours include English-speaking guides to ensure you get the most out of your day trip. Enjoy a cool drink as you travel from the first Cenote to the second of the day. Ready for some delicious food? Before returning to your accommodation, enjoy a delicious Mexican lunch in a gorgeous jungle setting.

2 Cenotes Private Tour from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum

Swim & Snorkel in 3 Cenotes

Are Cenotes on your ‘Bucket List’? Then this Absolute Cenotes Private Tour may be the right choice for you! There is a lot of swimming, so this experience is perfect for stronger swimmers. We customize the day to the Cenotes you want to experience. Don’t worry if you are finding it difficult to choose from our list of options. We assure you that all the Cenotes available on our tours are outstanding and unique. We finish the day with a hearty Mexican meal before returning you in comfort to your hotel.

Private tour swim in cenote and swim with turtles from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum

Swim with Turtles & in Cenote

Are you a fan of snorkeling? On this Private Tour, you can experience the beauty of the sparkling Caribbean Sea and the crystal-clear waters of the submerged worlds of Cenotes. Visit Akumal Bay to swim with giant sea turtles in their natural habitat. These beautiful, gentle creatures will astound you. Next, enjoy the tranquility of swimming in a Cenote of your choosing. You can choose an open Cenote or a cave Cenote. Whatever you prefer- the jungle surroundings will impress. Finish your tour with an incredible Mexican meal before we return to your accommodation.

Private tour of Tulum and snorkeling in a cenote and with turtles in akumal bay

Tulum ruins, Cenote and Swim with Turtles

Local culture and incredible natural wonders are the focus of this private Tulum tour. Begin the day at the Tulum Ruins. Visit the ancient Mayan city on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Your private guide will ensure you see the best of this important archaeological site. Next, we visit a Cenote. Which one? The choice is yours. Refresh yourself in these jewels of the jungle with their crystal-clear waters. Akumal Bay is the next stop on this epic tour. Snorkel with magnificent sea turtles and admire the multitude of other tropical fish. Finally, relax with a delicious Mexican meal before you return.

Private tour of Tulum and snorkeling in cenote

Tulum Ruins and Cenote Adventure

Travel in total comfort to the Tulum Ruins with a private guide who will explain the highlights of this archaeological site. The Mayan walled city once served as an important Port and is one of the best-preserved Coastal Mayan sites. Ready to cool off? Choose a cenote of your preference for the next stop. We include snorkels, masks, wetsuits, and even flashlights for your swim in the crystal-clear waters of these jungle sinkholes. Finish the excursion with a delicious Mexican meal.

Private tour of Tulum Mayan ruins and visit of a cenote and Kaan Luum Lagoon

Laguna Kaan Luum, Cenote Corazon and Tulum ruins

We begin this tour at the Tulum Ruins. This archaeological site is breathtaking as it towers over the Caribbean Sea. A private guide will lead you to the most interesting sights within the complex. The Temple of Frescoes is a must-see, full of Mayan artwork. Next, we visit Laguna Kaan Luum. The gorgeous turquoise water is stunning. Included are airbeds so you can float in ultimate comfort. We then visit Cenote Corazon to enjoy snorkeling and swimming in a lush jungle setting. Finally, an incredible meal in Tulum is on the menu!

Yal-Ku Lagoon Cenote Private tour from Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun

Yal-Ku Lagoon and Cenote Snorkeling Tour

Visit Yal-Ku Lagoon to experience a beautiful turquoise body of water. Snorkel amongst mangroves where the water is a mixture of fresh water and salt water. This unique area contains colorful tropical fish to swim with. It is beautiful. Customize your tour with a Cenote of your choosing. Comfortably travel to a sinkhole in the jungle and enjoy the tranquility and clear water. Finish your day with a delicious Mexican meal.

Cenotes FAQ

Consult our FAQ about cenotes! Here, you’ll find all the essential information you need to prepare for your next cenote trip, from understanding what cenotes are to knowing what to bring and expect during your visit.

A cenote is a natural sinkhole filled with fresh water, typically found in the jungle. For more detailed information, please read our full article.

There are primarily two main types of cenotes:

  1. Open air cenotes: These cenotes resemble natural pools in the jungle. They are characterized by their exposed surface and can offer a refreshing and picturesque swimming experience.

  2. Cave cenotes: These cenotes are located underground within cave systems. They provide the opportunity to swim and dive in underground rivers, surrounded by stunning rock formations. Exploring cave cenotes offers a unique and adventurous experience for visitors.

In cenotes, you can witness stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites, spot bats in cave cenotes, observe small freshwater fish (more common in open-air cenotes), and if you’re lucky, even encounter small turtles. You’ll also find many birds around and might catch a glimpse of iguanas.

Cenotes can vary in depth, ranging from just a few feet to hundreds of feet.

Yes, it is safe, especially when wearing a mandatory life vest, which is required in most cenotes. As cenotes contain fresh water, which makes you less buoyant, we still recommend non-experienced swimmers to wear a life vest, even when it is not mandatory.

For those concerned about feeling claustrophobic, there is no need to worry. Cenotes are expansive caves with ample space, and they are equipped with artificial lighting. Rest assured that visiting cenotes is completely safe and designed to provide a comfortable experience for all.

Swimming and snorkeling in cenotes is easy and accessible to anyone.

However, free diving is only allowed with certified free diving guides and organizations.

Scuba diving in cenotes is restricted to certified scuba divers accompanied by a certified Cenote diving guide.

The water temperature in cenotes remains around 74-75°F (24-25°C) throughout the year, which is not considered cold. However, compared to the outside temperature, the water may feel chilly. Some tour operators provide wetsuits or shorty suits to enhance your experience and allow you to enjoy the cenote for longer periods without feeling cold.

With thousands of cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, we have compiled a list of the best cenotes for you to visit. Check out our recommendations!

While a guide is not mandatory in most cenotes, there are certain cenotes where having a guide is required to access specific areas for safety and conservation purposes.

Moreover, choosing to have a guide can offer you numerous advantages during your cenote experience. To learn more about the benefits, we recommend reading our detailed article on this topic and the advantages of a Cenotes private tour.

Here’s a list of recommended items to bring:

  • Swim suit and towels
  • Phone with a waterproof case for capturing pictures
  • Cameras, underwater cameras, or GoPro (Note that some cenotes may charge a fee for taking “professional” photos)
  • Mosquito repellent and sunblock (apply after snorkeling, as applying it before swimming/snorkeling can pollute the water)
  • Water shoes (not mandatory but can provide extra comfort)
  • Mask and snorkel (can be rented on-site or provided by most cenote tour operators)
  • It is not permitted to bring food and drinks.
  • Drones are not allowed.

Absolutely! In fact, visiting cenotes during rain can be a unique and wonderful experience. We recommend opting for cave cenotes in such situations, as they provide ample shelter from the rain. While open-air cenotes may have reduced sunlight reflections, both types of cenotes are completely safe to visit during rainfall. In fact, exploring cenotes on a rainy day can be one of the best activities to enjoy!


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