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Key Facts about Ek Balam Ruins

Ek Balam Ruins and the Significance of the Black Jaguar

Ek Balam is Mayan for ‘Black Jaguar’ or ‘Sun Jaguar’. The ruins are located near Valladolid another colonial city in Yucatan located in Mexico. Famous for the El Torre pyramid, 700 AD to 1000 AD was one of the most culturally significant periods for Ek Balam. The ruins were mapped in the late 80’s, where research and excavation work was undertaken for a decade, ending in the 1990’s. Ek Balam is no doubt a wonderful and exhilarating site for adventurers, seeking historical facts of the ancient Mayan ruins.

The Magnificence of the Ruins

Ek Balam was operational for a staggering 1000 years! Cultural and economic development in the ruins began in the Pre-Classic era, from 100 B.C and continued till 300 A.D. Construction and development in the city of Ek Balam continued till 900 A.D. According to expert speculation it is said Ek Balam was inhabited till 16th century, when the Spanish began their invasion.

Key Facts

  • Ek Balam mayan ruins are situated 51 kilometers of Northeast Chichen Itza
  • Archeologists have only been able to excavate the middle of Ek Balam
  • Ek Balam covered an area of 12 sq. km, however, you can only view 1 square kilometer
  • Archeologists have been able to map 45 structures in Ek Balam
  • The infrastructure of the city were designed utilizing the Petén architectural principles and designs, which is based on large pyramids and roof combs on buildings
  • Ek Balam consists of numerous temples, two huge palaces and the famous (El Torre) a pyramid, which is situated in the middle of the city
  • There is a cenote 1 mile-2km from the ruins: Cenote Xcanche

The City Walls

Archaeologists are fascinated with height of the walls, which they state aren’t high enough to provide any sort of protection whatsoever. They arrived at the conclusion that the walls were made for ceremonial purposes around the ‘Central Plaza’, spanning towards the South Plaza. The exact nature of the ceremonies has not yet been identified. Another interesting thing you will get to see on your tour to Ek Balam and the El Torre is the famous ball court within the city where the Mayan people engaged in playing some sort of game with a ball as a ceremonial feature.

The El Jaguar Negro (Black Jaguar)

The black jaguar or ‘Sun Jaguar’ is a very powerful symbol of the ancient Mayan civilization. At the initiation of the Mayan Long Count, which was thousands of years ago before even before Chichen Itza was a major city; the Black Jaguar became one of the most important symbols in the Mayan culture. Warriors, emperors and priests alike, thoroughly studied the jaguar, not just because it was, at the time, America’s biggest predator, but because of a number of other attributes the big cat exhibited. They studied the cat’s distinctive features and day and night habits. It was believed by the Mayans that the great black jaguar was a part of the myth behind creation and that noblest of the bloodlines and kings in the Mayan civilization were all descendents of the Black Jaguar. And so the incredible cat became Maya’s most significant emblems, illustrating not only Mayan culture, but the entire Mesoamerica.

You will be mesmerized to witness Ek Balam ruins and the Black Jaguar sculptures during your adventurous trip to Ek Balam ruins with Absolute Adventure.


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