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Is visiting Gran Cenote during your stay in Tulum a good idea?

Is visiting Gran Cenote Worth the Visit?

No. At Absolute Adventure, we have decided not to include this cenote in our cenote tours. Check out the facts about Gran Cenote tours and decide for yourself! Vacationers staying near Tulum may plan to visit the famous Gran Cenote, but will it be a highlight of your vacation, or will you be disappointed?

Pros and Cons of Gran Cenote

On the plus side:

  • Gran Cenote is one of the most famous cenotes near Riviera Maya as many people went there with big tour companies, it made the place known and got a coverage online and in tourist guides.
  • It is easy to combine with a trip to Tulum, just 3miles (5km) away, and easy to go by car or bike.
  • Gran Cenote has many facilities (bathroom, changing room…)

However, Gran Cenote has many disadvantages, compared to other cenotes:

  • Gran Cenote is a crowded cenote with hundreds of tourists every day
  • It is packed with tour vans, rental cars, taxis and bikes
  • It can be a long wait for the entrance and changing rooms
  • With so many bathers, it is not the peaceful, pristine experience visitors expect
  • It’s difficult to take beautiful photos with so many people around
  • Swimmers who lack confidence may find the deep, crowded waters intimidating

The Best Cenote Experience in Tulum!

Check out for a private cenote tour, it will allow you to go in some beautiful cenotes less frequented, less known but as beautiful.

A private cenote tour will provide you an unforgettable natural experience and swimming in the clear transparent waters, it will definitely be a highlight of your holiday!

Reasons to visit a cenote:

  • Mexico’s Yucatan is one of the few places in the world where you can find natural cenotes.
  • These beautiful geological formations were once a sacred place to the Mayans.
  • Cenotes (sinkholes) form only in limestone karst regions and are filled with crystal clear spring water.
  • The cenote is surrounded by jungle trees making a beautiful picture of unspoiled nature.
  • Swimming in the clear sparkling water of a cenote is a unique and exhilarating experience.
  • It’s something everyone should have on their bucket list!


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