yal-ku lagoon akumal

Yal-Ku Lagoon

A paradise for snorkelers

Located in Akumal (between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, about 35 minutes by car), the Laguna Yal-Ku lagoon is a little paradise for snorkelers!
In the Mayan language, its name means Fish Nest, where small things live. The lagoon is the place where the underground river river joins the ocean. We have a mix of fresh and salt water in a mangrove landscape. This is why we can feel the current with different temperatures, the fresh water of the cenotes being a little cooler than the salty water of the ocean, so we can sometimes also observe the halocline when the 2 waters mix.

The mangrove is the perfect place for small fish to hide in the roots of larger fish, they get plenty of food with all the nutrients from the mangrove.

You can simply swim there but take the opportunity to snorkel and you will see many small Caribbean fish: sergeant major, blue chromis, princess parrot fish, butterfly fish, schools of sand tile fish and sometimes with luck you you can also see some stingrays!

Not only can you see fish, but if you are careful, you are sure to see iguanas on the rocks at the edge of the lagoon, and also many birds around (herons mainly).

Here are the specifics of the Yal Ku Lagoon cenote:

  • Activities: Swimming / Snorkeling
  • Special for: quiet environment, perfect for families with young kids
  • Depth: 12 feet max.
  • Access: sereval platforms with few steps
  • Facilities: Bathroom
  • Location: Akumal
  • Opened all days from 9am to 5pm (avoid week ends, it gets more crowded)


YAL-KU lagoon is perfect to chill and spend an unforgettable day with your siblings in the Riviera Maya.


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