valladolid city

Valladolid City

Valladolid city, Pubelo Magico "Magic Town"

Valladolid city is located in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula, 2 hours driving from Cancun or Playa del Carmen (+/- 90miles/150km). It is the ideal stop before/after visiting one of the famous New Wonder of the world, Chichen Itza ruins, which are located close by.

In order to develop tourism activity in Yucatan, Valladolid was elected Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) in 2012. Its colourful houses and haciendas make this colonial city one of the most iconic of the Peninsula.

The city was founded 1543 by Francisco Montejo. It was the second city built by Spanish colonizers (after Merida in 1542).

Valladolid city key facts…

  • The city was first build in 1543 but relocated to its current location in 1545 on the Zaci mayan village. Some of the corners of the buildings are constructed with rocks from the Mayans buildings.
  • Valladolid is known for the Caste War. Mayans rioted in 1848. They won but the Spanish took the city again.
  • In 1910, the insurrection initiated by the independent electoral center started in Valladolid. This event is called “The first spark of the revolution”.
  • The city was the first to open a manufacture of threads and fabrics (made from Sisal).
  • 48,000 inhabitants nowadays

What to visit…

  • The Cathedral of San Gervacio, located on the main place (built in 1545, destroyed in 1705 and rebuilt in 1706).
  • The Ex-Convent of San Bernadino de Siena, the second biggest one after Izamal.
  • Cenote Zaci (sink hole located in the center of the city) or the close by cenotes Xkeken Samula

Yucatan food…

Valladolid is a perfect place to stop and enjoy a delicious meal during your tour to a Mayan archeological site. Many restaurants offer the local cuisine of Yucatan. We recommend you to order the famous Cochinita Pibil (pork meal specialty of the peninsula cooked in a banana leaf), or to try panuchos (refried tortilla stuffed with refried black beans and topped with meat, onions and avocado) or to ask for some tasty chorizo made in the small villages around … And of course they usually serve real hand made tortillas.

Walking, shopping…

You can also walk around the streets and look for some handcraft market and artisanal clothes from the area. The downtown is a nice place to see the life going around.

Valladolid is the perfect city where you can see the mix of cultures (Spanish, Mayan). We include a stop to visit this beautiful city in all our tours to Chichen Itza.


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