not touch marine fauna and flora

Six Reasons You Should Not Touch Marine Fauna and Flora

Care about the well-being of our ocean

To make a vacation to the Riviera Maya Mexico complete, you must take a snorkeling tour. When you snorkel with Absolute Adventure, we promise you a memorable experience tailored to your wants and needs.

While we want everyone to be able to enjoy freedom in the water, our first priority is the safety of our customers and our environment.

We promote the well-being of our ocean and encourage everyone to respect it as well.

No matter how friendly the animal may look, do not touch it! Let them be in their natural habitat and enjoy their beauty!

Six Reasons You Should Not Touch Marine Fauna and Flora:

Picking up an ocean organism has the potential to have serious consequences. Moving a living thing on the ocean floor will likely lead to disorientation and a possibly more harmful environment.
You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to hurt a sea organism with your strength. A simple touch of a fingernail or the swiping of jewelry can damage the small parts of a organism.
You may not think of humans as poisonous, but the oils and bacteria on our hands can cripple a coral reef. The smallest touch can lead to major problems for a sea organism.
Sea organisms have layers on their skin to protect them from bacteria and disease. Touching an animal on the ocean floor has the potential to remove a layer of protection, leaving them vulnerable to infection.
Marine animals have enough to worry about. Between disease and predators, there is no need to cause them more stress. Don’t get too close to the animals…you’ll likely scare them away.
While humans are poisonous to some animals, touching some animals definitely has the ability to hurt humans. Touching a dangerous sea creature can lead to skin irritation, rashes, fainting, etc. Be cautious!

In the realm of marine life, it is crucial to remember the golden rule: do not touch.

No matter how friendly or captivating an animal may appear, it is vital to let them be in their natural habitat and appreciate their inherent beauty from a respectful distance.

If you touch marine fauna, it disrupts their delicate ecosystems and can cause harm to both the animals and ourselves. By understanding the importance of preserving their natural harmony, we can foster a deeper appreciation for these magnificent creatures and play an active role in conserving their habitats for generations to come.

Let us admire and protect, but never touch.


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