why not to swim with dolphins

Why not to swim with Dolphins in Delphinariums

A danger for both dolphins and humans

Swimming with dolphins can be a mind-blowing experience, and it is getting rather popular with giant delphinariums being built to accommodate the entire show. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side to swimming with dolphins that few ever think about. Many people are unaware of the numerous problems that surround delphinariums.

The Ugly Truth

The reality is, keeping dolphins in captivity to entertain people by training them to interact and swim with them has a substantial negative impact on the animal. There are many accounts of the fact that dolphins kept in delphinariums live an impoverished existence. Not to mention in many instances a whole bunch of dolphins are kept huddled together in less than accommodating holding pens.

Apart from that, these intelligent and highly emotional animals are kept confined and in a poor state, which considerably shortens a dolphin’s existence. A lot of dolphins die before becoming adults and many die during captivity because of the cruelty involved.

Furthermore, many dolphins are forced to interact with their trainers, because they know they can’t escape their confinement. Some dolphins are even seen to show signs of distress when they interact with humans. In captivity they are not allowed to mate, hunt or play with other dolphins, as they do in the wild.

Some dolphins also die due to the stress of their confinement, which can also lead to abnormal behavior adopted by the dolphin and it dramatically reducesits immunity to diseases.

A Danger for Humans Too

Swimming with dolphins can also prove to be dangerous for humans as well. There have been many instances where trainers have reported to be bitten, scratched and bruises and many have suffered broken bones. Dolphins not matter how intelligent, are wild creatures nonetheless.

With all this in mind, isn’t it better to experience the magnificence of these diligent creatures first hand and in the wild?


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