cenote xkeken samula valladolid

Cenote Xkeken Samula

Cenote Xkeken & Samula, The best cenotes around Valladolid

Cenote Xkeken and cenote Samula are two cenotes that could transport you to some movies of the 80s (Goonies or Indiana Jones), the big difference is that here you can enjoy ones of the most beautiful and not crowded cenotes of the Yucatan.

These cenotes are similar to Ik kil but less visited, that helps you to enjoy your swim and relax in the fresh water with a gorgeous view of the cave where you could find birds, bats, all in all creating a surreal sensation.

The Legend about this cenote…

According to a legend, Xkeken Cenote was found by a pig who always returned full of mud to his home.

One time his owner followed him and found the cenote where the pig refreshed himself in these crystal waters! (X´Keken mean pig in maya). On other hand Samula is massive cenote with an entrance right on the top, you can get down through several stairs from where you can see the cenote from different views.

The two cenotes have holes in the surface, which creates special lights effect coming from them. This light plays with the colors of the water making swimming there more special.


Each cenote has unique characteristics, here are the specifics of Xkeken and Samula:

  • Activities: Swimming
  • Special for: Stalactites and stalagmites, bats, birds, spectacular views
  • Type of Cenote: Cave Cenotes
  • Depth: till 20 feet
  • Mandatory: lifejacket
  • Access: two different platforms / several steps
  • Facilities: bathroom/ parking/ rest zone / souvenir shop
  • Location: close to Valladolid

Swimming in Cenote Xkeken and Samula is a relaxing and refreshing moment, especially appreciated after visiting the mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.


Going to Cenote Xkeken will make you have a very special moment with your siblings and enjoy your vacations. And of course we provide you with the best guides and equipment to maximize your experience! Don’t forget to book your private tour with us!



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