day of the dead in mexico

The Day of the Dead in Mexico

el dia de los muertos

The Dia de los Muertos or the ‘Day of the Dead’ is perhaps the most fascinating and the most popular festival celebrated in Mexico than anywhere else in the entire Americas. Although this exhilarating festival is celebrated in the entire country – the most fun and popular place to enjoy the festivities in the truest sense as a tourist is Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

When does the Fun Begin?

The traditional festival begins on 28 October and lasts for an entire week, ending in 2 November, which is declared as a national holiday in Mexico. It is a very important tradition for Mexicans where they pay tribute to the dearly departed – and is an integral part in the embracement of death.

The Significance of the Day of the Dead for the Mayans

The Mayans people also celebrated the Day of the Dead, and during these days they prepared favorite dishes of the dead in their family. According to Mayan tradition, people die three deaths. The first death is where the body fails to function – the second death is when a person is being buried and the third death is when there are no people left to remember the dead.

Interesting Facts about the Dia de los Muertos

  • This ritual of celebrating the dead has been observed by Mesoamerican civilizations for over 3000 years!
  • In the ritual it is believed that the souls of children return on the 1st of November and the spirits of adults return on the 2nd of November.
  • Families of the dead clean and decorate the graves and well-off families build altars.
  • The most common symbol of the Day of the Dead is the skull, which they call ‘calacas’.

You too can enjoy this legendary in Playa del Carmen by buying your own costume and partying out hard. Plus, along with enjoying the country wide festival you will also be able to take a glimpse of various Mexican traditions and learn the history behind it.

So, join us to Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya for a truly mesmerizing and authentic celebration of the Day of the Dead.


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