coba opening hours

Coba Opening Hours

Mayan ruins of Coba Opening Hours

The ruins of Coba are less touristy than those of Chichen Itza or Tulum. Coba is known for its famous Nohoch Mul pyramid, one of the tallest Mayan pyramids in Mexico. For years it was possible to climb it to get a great view from the top. Since 2020, access to the summit is no longer authorized. Despite this, Coba is still worth the visit as it is a very large & rich site hidden in the jungle. Be prepared to hike to visit the full site, ride a bike or take a tricycle taxi to reach the pyramid. Even from the bottom of the pyramid, you will be impressed! Here the Coba opening hours and useful info to prepare your next visit!

Coba Opening Hours & Practical Info:

All days 8am – 5 pm, last admission allowed 4pm.

Entrance fee for tourists:

  • 95 pesos per person for the Inah entrance and 116 pesos for the Ejido entrance.
  • bike or taxi – tricycle rental: count 100 pesos per person.
  • 70 pesos for the parking

Tip: You must bring cash in pesos (they don’t often have change) and they don’t accept USD, Euros or debit/credit cards.

Coba ruins are almost 3 hours driving from Cancun, 2 hours from Playa del Carmen and 1 hour from Tulum.

What is the best time to visit the ruins?

Early morning visit if the best to avoid crowds and heat. 8am-11 am is the best time to enjoy the ruins.

Should I go for a guided visit?

Yes! You have very few information available if you visit the ruins on your own. There is only a map of the archeological site at the entrance.

Options to hire a guide: you won’t have issue to find a guide but to avoid scams and make sure you have a great experience, we recommend:

Hire an official guide at the entrance of the ruins site (they offer private – group visits in several languages, count 600-1000 pesos depending on service, they offer half or full visit of the site)

Book an excursion, once again many options available: 

Advantage of taking an excursion is that you don’t need to go to the ruins by yourself, no need to drive as you get transportation from your hotel. Also, booking a tour allows you to add other activities during the day.

Then, you need to choose between group tours or private tours. Group tours can easily be booked from your hotel (keep in mind that in general hotels subcontract tour operators, you end paying intermediaries and experience/inclusions may vary from the tour description your hotel provides), while you will usually book private tours from small businesses operating online.

Taking a private tour has many advantages such as avoiding crowds, not sharing the transportation with other travelers, and getting the full private guided visit at your own pace! Read more about the Coba Private Tours available.



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