chichen itza night show

Chichen Itza Night Show

“Noches de Kukulkan”

In this resurgence, Chichen Itza is brought back to life in a big way. Experience the Chichen Itza night show complete with a lesson in history of the Mayan culture and Mayan Legends! The most prominent legend being Kukulkan, the Feather Snake God, and the Mayan creation of the world!

This Chichen Itza projection “Noches de Kukulkan” is displayed on one of the 7th New Wonders of the World and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

We can offer you a custom tour that includes a private visit to the ruins with stops at the pyramid, the ball game, the Temple of the Warriors and several still-existing platforms from Mayan history. The other part of Chichen Itza, views of Cenote Sagrado and the Observatory Area, are closed for the evening. After our tour, the unique experience is kicked up a notch.

The Chichen Itza Night Show is displayed in Spanish; however, the creators have not forgotten about its viewers from English speaking countries. An iPod audio guide is provided for patrons in order to ensure an enjoyable experience for all parties.

To begin the tour, we provide private transportation from your hotel in Playa del Carmen and surrounding areas in the Rivera Maya. The drive is generally clocked around two and a half hours with a venture down the toll road included. Don’t worry, all of our means of transportation are air-conditioned!

As with all of our private tours, we encourage you to tell us everything you wish to do in an effort to customize the experience to your wants. At Absolute Adventure Mexico, we strive to provide you with an experience that you will never forget.

NB: No flash photography is permitted during the projection.


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