things to do with kids in the riviera maya

Things to do with kids in the Riviera Maya

traveling with kids in Riviera Maya

When you are traveling with your family, you are surely looking for some tours or excursions where your kids could spend a wonderful day, have fun and waste all the energy they have!

There are several activities that can fit perfectly for kids and teens. For example the teens would love to fly on a zip line or to ride on an ATV while younger kids will enjoy less adventurous trips where they can start to explore the world.

At Absolute Adventure, because we love kids, we have made a selection of private tours that could fit perfectly for your siblings.

Excursions for young kids:

They are full of energy and ready for exploring Mexico. Of course we keep in mind that we should bring them to the safest and most accessible locations!

Snorkeling or swimming in a cenote could be a perfect tour for them. The cenotes have an easy access and most of them have some shallow areas. Without waves, and with crystal clear water, it is the perfect place to practice swimming and snorkeling skills.

For the littles ones who could be scared by going into a cave, no worries, there are a lot of “open cenotes” natural pool type cenotes that are ideal to start the journey. Some cenotes even allow your loved ones to conquer their fear by jumping from several platforms into the water! A cenote tour is a half day tour, so not a too long trip for young kids, they spend most fo the time in the water and less in transportation.


Another good option for young children is to swim in the protected bay of Yalku. It could be an exciting experience to start to discover the wonders of the ocean in a safe and calm lagoon. Indeed, our guides will be happy to show your kids many small and colourful fishes, crabs and maybe some birds.

Excursions for teenagers:

We know that teens do not always appreciate to go on tour with their parents… they can sleep or get their earphones on in the van… but no worries, the Riviera Maya offers unique and cool activities that they will enjoy for sure!

Some of these activities could be snorkeling in the adventurous underwater rivers (cave cenotes), or snorkeling in the ocean next to sea turtles, sting rays and many fishes.

Jungle has a lot of activities to offer as well: flying on top of the jungle though zip lines, riding ATVs, canoeing in lagoon, or rappeling in hidden cenotes…

Some mayan ruins visits are also very fun for teens, to mix culture history and adventure. For example Coba Ruins are located in the middle of the jungle, we ride bikes to visit them and can climb to the top of the the biggest mayan pyramid of Mexico.

Choose a Private Tour!

We received many testimonials in our Trip Advisor reviews that going private is the best option when touring with kids and teens. Private transportation means no time wasted to pick up other families. We go early.. so we avoid the heat that could be very painful for kids while at the same time we enjoy the places we visit for ourselves! Getting a private guide ensures that he will be fully dedicated to your family and kids needs.

Absolute Adventure, a kid friendly agency!

Because we know that the best equipment they have the greatest experience they will get, we provide high quality equipment designed for kids and teens: full masks snorkeling, small sizes masks and snorkel, quality life jackets according to their weight, small wetsuits (so cute!) for them not to get cold in the water…

So don’t hesitate to contact us, let us know how many kids you have and their age and we will be happy to design the perfect custom tour for you. (And of course we offer kid discounts!).


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