casa cenote

Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote, a very special cenote...

The mangroves and the ocean made Casa Cenote one of the most beautiful cenotes of the Riviera Maya. When you swim in its water, you have to pay attention to both below and above the water to enjoy all the special guests living in this wonder… Casa Cenote is located close to Tulum and is part of the biggest underwater system called “Sac Actun” (meaning White Cave in Mayan). Actually this cenote is the final part of Sac Actun system where the cenote meets the ocean. The mix of salty water and fresh water makes a perfect environment for the mangroves. Mangroves are really important for the flora and fauna of the jungle. If you choose to snorkel or to dive there, we assure you will see many small fishes (as they can hide in the roots of the mangroves), and if you are lucky some birds (like herons, pelicans..) and some reptiles as they all love the mangrove ecosystem.


Each cenote has unique characteristics, here are the specifics of Casa Cenote:

  • Activities: Swimming / Snorkeling / Scuba-Diving
  • Special for: mangroves, small fishes, birds, perfect for watching the nature.
  • Type of Cenote: Open Cenote
  • Depth: till 20 feet
  • Mandatory: Guide, lifejacket. Mask, snorkel and fins recommended!
  • Access: Sand/Rocky platform (could be slippery sometimes)
  • Facilities: Parking
  • Location: Close to Tulum


You could combine this cenote with other activities during your private tour, like:


Casa Cenote Snorkeling is a really relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is worth for swimming and enjoying the nature around you. Don’t hesitate to book one of our private tours and our guides will be happy to bring you there!



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