cenote chikin ha

Cenote Chikin-Ha

Explore 3 different cenotes in one location!

Cenote Chikin Ha

The main cenote is Chikin-Ha that in Mayan Language means, “water from the east”. The cenote Chikin-Ha has two entrances, underneath the water you would find an underground world. Cave divers from all around the globe come to explore this flooded caves, you would have the opportunity of see them going into the deeps. The sunlight touches different parts of the cenote, so the colors of the cenote changes every time.

Cenote X’tabay

Cenote X’tabay is a beautiful open cenote, which display several plants and animals. Here you could find fishes, turtles, water lily, Ceiba trees and more.
This cenote is perfect for kids where they can swim and snorkel in relative shallow water and they still can explore a cave. If you are not a water person you could put your toes in the water and enjoy the display of plants, birds and water from the cenote side.

Cenote Ta’ak Bil-Ha

Cenote Ta’ak Bil-Ha (hidden water in maya) is a ceremonial cenote where mayan priest still doing some rituals. You cannot swim here but this cenote offers a several trees that reach the water with their roots and you can hear and see one of the most beautiful birds in the peninsula of Yucatan, the Bird Toh. This bird has the blue color of the Caribbean in their tails. Is a magical cenote and you would love take some photos of this mystical place

Visiting Cenote Chikin-Ha complex is all in one experience! If you are in Cancun and you want to have a full experience of cenotes without expending a lot of time in transportation, this is the best option.

Each cenote has unique characteristics, here are the specifics of Cenote Chikin-Ha:

  • Activities: Swimming / Snorkeling
  • Special for: Stalactites and stalagmites, spectacular views, nature
  • Type of Cenote: Cave Cenote, Open cenote, Ceremonial Cenote
  • Depth: 3-50 ft
  • Access: two different platforms / several steps
  • Facilities: bathroom/ parking/ rest zone /
  • Location: in between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum

You could combine Chikin-Ha with other activities during your private tour, like:

Swimming in cenotes is a really peaceful experience, you can relax and enjoy from the nature and your siblings.


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