Nothing can prepare you for the spiritually moving experience of climbing the steps of one of the tallest pyramid ever constructed by the Mayans at the ruins of Coba! Once atop the 40 meter (130 ft) pyramid, your reward will be the same breathtaking view witnessed by the very Mayans who so masterfully designed and built this magnificent structure centuries ago!

Absolute Adventure’s Coba tour offers a rare glimpse into the mysterious past of the Mayans.



Located just one hour and a half from Playa del Carmen by car in the heart of the Mayan jungle, the name Coba comes from the Mayan term “Cob Ha”, meaning “muddy water”. This is due to the fact that several lagoons can be found in the area.Coba was the largest city during the Mayan civilization’s Classic period, which lasted from around 100 to 900 AD. At its peak, it was home to over 50,000 people.


Your private tour from Playa del Carmen will begin with visiting the “Coba Group”, which includes the temple dedicated to the rain god Chaac, the top of which is a favorite resting spot for vultures. Other features of this area include palaces and the famous Mayan ball court. Next to the ball court, you can also see a magnificent ceiba tree which was sacred to the Mayans. Your native archaeological guide will be happy to share the rich Mayan history of Coba with you and answer any questions you may have.

After an exciting bike ride for sporty types (or a tricycle taxi) through the jungle, you’ll arrive at the ancient pyramid known to locals as Nohuch Mul, which means “large mount” in the native Mayan tongue. Additionally, it is the tallest pyramid at the Coba archaeological site and in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Here you’ll be able to see two depictions of the Descending God (Honeybee God) sculpted on the temple’s upper chamber.


On our ride back through the jungle, we’ll stop to explore the Xaibe, an observation tower at the junction of two sacbeobs, which are raised pathways created by the Mayans. In fact, the longest of the sacbeobs starts in Coba and stretches over 100 km before ending near a small city close to Chichen Itza. Once we’ve stopped to see a second ball court in the depths of the jungle, we’ll visit the Paintings Group structure, where you can see impressive Mayan paintings on a temple.

After visiting Coba, we can of course offer additional activities for a day trip! Book this exciting Coba tour and discover an ancient world that will speak to your soul!