How would you like to snorkel in between mangroves and the ocean? With the addition of a beautiful landscape and some of the most colorful fish in the world, you will be experiencing the unique Yal Ku Lagoon Snorkel Experience.



snorkel at yal ku lagoon

Snorkeling in Mexico can be intimidating for some; however, The Yal Ku Lagoon is a protected area. This means that there are no pesky waves with which to deal. A calm environment provides the perfect atmosphere for novices and beginners to learn how to snorkel safely and with respect for the environment. The area has been equipped with easy access into the water through steps to ensure that everyone has the capability to enjoy the surroundings.


Also, to further illustrate the ease of snorkeling in the Yal Ku Lagoon, the water at it deepest point is 15 feet. This allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlife without being worried about safety.

snorkeling yal ku lagoon

The Yal Ku Lagoon is unique with a mangrove landscape. As a highlight of the mangrove landscape, there is an opening from the lagoon to the ocean. This provides a mix of fresh water as it exits from the cenote and salty water as it comes from the ocean. The mix of water is the perfect environment for colorful, tropical fish to stay before moving into the ocean. You will certainly see species of marine life that you have never seen in your lifetime.


The magical experience does not begin once you get in the water, it begins much sooner. Before entering the lagoon, you will get to see traditional and contemporary statues made by the locals. These are spectacular wonders that should not be missed.

yal ku lagoon
To dive more into logistics, Yal-Ku is located approximately 45 minutes south from Playa del Carmen. All snorkeling equipment is provided by us, so that you will not have to bring anything but the essentials. We’ll spend around two hours enjoying the lagoon and then it’s up to you.



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