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Snorkeling in Cenote

Snorkeling in cenotes tour

Cenotes (say-‘NO-tays) are an underground system of stunning, water-filled caves and caverns that formed when rainwater, falling over millennia, wore away the limestone and filled the caves with water. As the roofs of these caves collapsed, underwater sinkholes and caverns formed. The Mayans called them cenotes. Exploring them is a unique experience not found anywhere else in the world.

Don’t hesitate, the cenotes tour should be on your top 3 of the things to do during your stay!

cenotes tour

Prepare to enjoy the very best snorkeling in these beautiful and mysterious water caverns on our snorkeling in cenotes tour. Our friendly and experienced guides will safely escort you through the maze of stalactites and stalagmites that adorn these beautiful natural wonders. Beneath these pristine waters, you will experience a world of vivid beauty that few will ever see.


We take you to only the best areas, where the crystal-clear waters of the cenotes provide a beautiful underwater visibility often exceeding 50 meters (150 ft)! Swimming in water this clear allows you to fully see the spectacular streaming light effects and striking geological formations. By choosing our private snorkeling cenotes tour, you’ll get the opportunity to see some of the area’s most exclusive cenotes, which are less crowded than famous sites like Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote, and Chikin Ha. That said, we’re happy to take you to these cenotes if you want to visit them!

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When you book your cenotes tour, we’ll also take your snorkeling skill level into consideration in order to ensure that you’ll have a wonderful experience. Snorkeling in cenotes is perfect for swimmers of all skill levels since there are no waves to contend with. We’ll enjoy a peaceful, quiet atmosphere and clear water for you to relax in.


The fresh water that fills the cenotes is a cool 77°F/25°C, which is great for a refreshing on the Caribbean hot weather. However it can feel cold since we’ll be swimming slowly to enjoy the sights, so we’ll provide you with a wetsuit.


Sometimes, the adventure starts even before swimming in the cenote: on the way to the cenote, you’re likely to encounter native wildlife like colorful birds and butterflies, iguanas, small foxes, and coatis! You also might see the occasional spider or snake. Inside cenotes, you can often observe bats as well as motmots, birds with distinctive turquoise tails.

Snorkeling in cenotes tour

We can plan a day trip for you that includes swimming in a cenote. For history lovers, we recommend visiting an archaeological site like Tulum, Coba, or Chichen Itza followed by a refreshing snorkeling session. If you prefer the water, we can instead take you snorkeling in a cenote as well as in the ocean in order to swim with the turtles! Another option is to spend the entire day snorkeling by visiting two or three different cenotes so that you can discover how they differ. Of course, any day trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping for lunch at a traditional Mexican restaurant!


Therefore, if you’re planning a vacation that you want to be visually beautiful, emotionally thrilling, and just flat out fun, then book your next vacation with Absolute Adventure. Our name says it all!

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