snorkeling in cenote

Snorkeling in Cenote

Snorkeling in Cenote, a unique experience

Cenotes (say-‘NO-tays) are an underground system of stunning, water-filled caves and caverns that formed when rainwater, falling over millennia, wore away the limestone and filled the caves with water. As the roofs of these caves collapsed, underwater sinkholes and caverns formed. The Mayans called them cenotes. Exploring them is a unique experience not found anywhere else in the world.

Prepare to enjoy the very best snorkeling in these beautiful and mysterious water caverns on our snorkeling in cenotes tour. Our friendly and experienced guides will safely escort you through the maze of stalactites and stalagmites that adorn these beautiful natural wonders. Beneath these pristine waters, you will experience a world of vivid beauty that few will ever see.

Don’t hesitate, snorkeling in cenote should be on your top 3 of the things to do during your stay!

We take you to only the best areas, where the crystal-clear waters of the cenotes provide a beautiful underwater visibility often exceeding 50 meters (150 ft)! Swimming in water this clear allows you to fully see the spectacular streaming light effects and striking geological formations. By choosing our private snorkeling cenotes tour, you’ll get the opportunity to see some of the area’s most exclusive cenotes, which are less crowded than famous sites like Taak Bi Ha for example.

We can plan a day trip for you that includes swimming in a cenote.

Therefore, if you’re planning a vacation that you want to be visually beautiful, emotionally thrilling, and just flat out fun, then book your next vacation with Absolute Adventure. Our name says it all!


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