Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote

Scuba Diving in Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote, is a shallow, wide, meandering pool of water that is welcoming for scuba divers of all levels. Also known as Manatee Cenote, Casa Cenote is located in the middle of a mangrove field and sits very close to the ocean. Because of its proximity to the Caribbean, fresh and salt water commingle together here giving divers the chance to see an amazing diversity of plant and animal life that typically inhabit both kinds of water.

Scuba diving in Casa Cenote

As you traverse the underwater river of Casa Cenote keep an eye out for a variety of marine life including eels, barracudas, snapper and tarpon fish. There is a variety of underwater flora here as well that can be investigated. You will navigate through algae-covered mangrove roots and between moss and algae-covered boulders. For more experienced divers there are also many opportunities for swim throughs including tunnels, passages and rocky overhangs which give you the feeling of diving beneath a jungle floor.


The mixture of the warm waters of the sea and the cool fresh water of the cenote results in a thermocline here at Casa Cenote that appears at varying depths creating some wonderful visual and lighting effects. The currents and winds cause this cenote to be a constantly changing environment meaning each time you dive here it will be a fresh and unique experience.


There is much to see and hear outside the waters of the cenote as well in this area. Upon surfacing from your dive you’ll enjoy spotting the various species of birds and listening to their sounds echo across the jungle treetops.

Want to dive more?

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Discover Pack:

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Please Note: An open water diver certification (or equivalent) is required for cavern cenote dives. If you aren’t certified, we will be happy to introduce you to diving!

What to bring:

  • Your diving equipment
  • Your certification card
  • Swimming suit & towel
  • Sun glasses & cap
  • Biodegradable sunblock


  • Experienced certified Instructor
  • 2 tanks & weights
  • Nitrox for nitrox certified divers
  • Water, Cookies
  • Lunch in a restaurant
  • Pick up and drop off from Playa Del Carmen


  • Diving equipment (15 USD per day)


  • Book a Professional Photographer

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