early morning coba tour

Early Morning Coba Tour

Coba Tour: The Advantages of an Early Morning Tour


The Coba Maya Ruins and cenotes are one of the most visited attractions in Riviera Maya. It makes sense to beat the crowds and avoid the heat by booking an early morning Coba Tour, especially if you want to climb the pyramid. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Be first to enjoy Coba adventures

The Coba Ruins are one of the few places where visitors can still climb the huge Mayan pyramid. Our early morning Coba tour means you can be first to ascend the stone pyramid and enjoy the view from the top– it’s amazing! It’s also safer and more enjoyable without crowds of other climbers, especially on the descent.

It’s fun to rent a bicycle to explore the extensive site. Enjoy the ride when no-one else is around, getting in the way.

Another advantage of early morning tours to Coba is the chance to see birds and wildlife. Once the crowds arrive and the heat rises, they quickly hide away.

Avoid the crowds

Not only will you beat the crowds and avoid the lines with an early morning Coba tour, you will also get the best souvenirs. Browse the freshly laid-out stalls and haggle with traders for the best price.

The peaceful morning atmosphere allows you to get up close to each building and take beautiful photos when no-one else is around.

Practical advantages of early morning Coba Tours

Early morning tours to Coba arrive just as the site opens at 8am. There are no lines at the ticket office and restrooms and no need to wait to rent a bicycle or taxi tricycle.

The morning air is fresh and cooler than later in the day, allowing you to explore the Coba ruins and climb the pyramid in comfort.


The best way to experience the Coba Ruins is definitely on an early morning Coba tour. Have a nap on the journey, beat the crowds, and be back at your hotel in time to enjoy the rest of the day.


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