Cenotes in Coba: Choo-Ha and Tankach-Ha

coba cenote


Discover two cenotes in a day, both of them are caves cenotes, but each one offer different features that would complete you experience at fullest.
The two cenotes are close each other, therefore is really easy to explore both of them.
Enjoy the surreal sensation of swimming in a Cenote!

Cenote Choo-Ha

Choo-ha in the Mayan language means “dripping water”, after going down slowly in narrow stairs, the cenote will opens widely, and you would found stalactites dripping water everywhere! The show is amazing. When you are in the platform, you could swimming around the cenote and admire the pristine water and ceiling above you.

Cenote Tankach-Ha.

Tankach-ha, means in Mayan language “deep water”. The cenote deeps goes from 14ft to 114ft, If you have diving skills or you are a daredevil this is the perfect place for jump to the water from two platforms. There is no better way to cool of, than jumping in this clear water cave cenote.

If you are not an adventures person, you don’t have to jump to the water, there are two wood platforms where you could go to swim around the cenote and relax and enjoy this big cave cenote.

Swimming in Cenote Choo-Ha and Tankach-Ha is a relaxing and refreshing moment, especially appreciated after visiting the mayan ruins of Coba.

Discover cenote Tankach Ha in the Coba tour video:

Every cenote is different; we resume the special features of Cenote Choo-Ha and Tankach-Ha:

  • Activities: Swimming / Snorkeling / Jumping
  • Special for: Stalactites and stalagmites, spectacular views
  • Type of Cenote: Cave Cenote
  • Depth: 6-114 ft
  • Mandatory: lifejacket (for non experienced swimmers)
  • Access: two different platforms to jump / several steps
  • Facilities: bathroom / parking
  • Location: close from Coba

You could combine this cenote with other activities during your private tour, like:

  • Visit Coba Mayan ruins
  • Custom Tours (We can custom tours)

Swimming in cenotes is a really peaceful experience, you can relax and enjoy from the nature and your siblings. Contact us and book a private tour with us!

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