Never trust to a Mexican who says “no, it’s not spicy! – no picante”

Eating with salsa (any type of chili / habanero crushed with spices and water) is part of our Mexican culture. In any meal we usually add little bit of picante!

Mexicans cannot eat a taco without salsa. Spicy is making people addicted, and people get used to eat it, but to which level? Are Mexican just Macho and brave!?

What’s happening when I eat spicy?

When you are eating a chili, the substance that triggers the sensation of burning in the mouth and the eyes is the capsaicin. This sensation makes a reaction of endorphins, which are in charge to giving you pleasant moments in your life!

Is eating chili good for your health?

There aren’t verified studies about it but some Scientifics said it could help you with the flow of the blood and regenerate part of your intestinal flora.

The origin of Habanero:

The Local chili from here is the Habanero. Habanero is originated from the amazon. The first habanero plant is dated 8,500 years old, it was found at an archaeological site in Peru. Today the largest producer in the world is Yucatan, Mexico. And they are many species of Havanero, you find it in all the colors of the rainbow!

Which is the hottest chili in the world?

The spiciness of a chili is measured with the scoville heat unit. The habanero ranks 5th! It is not so bad if you know that the number one is used as a gas pepper for self-protection.
If you’re asking about the Carolina reaper, it gets the 2th place of the ranking.

3 Golden rules about Havanero:

  • Don’t cut Havanero with bare hands
  • Don’t touch your eyes after touching Habanero
  • Don’t kiss your lover after eating Havenero!!


Come on a a private tour, you will have the opportunity to try and taste local fool and maybe you’ll be courageous enough to add the salsa Havanero!


The Mexican Cuisine to Die for in Playa del Carmen


What to choose from the menu.

Playa del Carmen is a bustling beach town in the Yucatan peninsula. Located near the Riviera Maya route, the town has become a vivid, energetic and the most popular part in the peninsula. Playa del Carmen is perfect for tourists looking for an all-resort experience.

Another absolutely best part about enjoying your vacation in Playa del Carmen is all the Mexican food you can feast on during your stay! In light of this mentioned below are some really tantalizing foods that you can eat after coming back from an exhilarating diving session.


A delicious, traditional Mexican dish that consists of wheat or corn tortilla, which can either be rolled or folded with different types of fillings – a tortilla can be made using numerous fillings. You can order fillings such as pork, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables and cheese. Tacos are eaten without using a spoon or a fork – it can also be an eat-as-you-go food or you could enjoy eating it sitting in your beach chair with a drink in one hand. It is absolutely delightful.


Another Mexican dish – one that is cooked on a griddle, quesadilla is a tortilla – you can either choose to order wheat or corn– the dish also is made with a variety of proteins and/or vegetables. After being cooked on a griddle the tortilla is then folded to form a semi-circle or the shape of a half-moon. The dish is served with salsa and vegetables.


Fajitas are a big part of the Tex-Mex cuisine – and generally refer to any type of meat that is grilled and served with corn or wheat tortilla. In authentic Mexican restaurants, the key ingredients that go into cooking the meat are onions and bell peppers. The condiments used include guacamole, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and pico de gallo.


You can think of burritos as another variation of a taco – the only difference is burritos are rolled with fillings instead of being folded. The bread is usually wheat and corn tortilla and the dish is made with a variety of fillings, which include beef and chicken. The fillings also include rice, fried beans and various sauces and vegetables.

Nachos con totopos

Nachos are considered more of a snack – or an appetizer than a complete dish. However, they are delicious and you might just order a couple of plates – that is before you start your main meal. Anyways, nachos are basically chips made from tortilla or totopos, which are covered with a heavy layer of absolutely delightful cheese and cheese-sauce and also include a heavenly topping of jalapenos and olives.


All in all, these are some amazing dishes you can enjoy while on your private tour with Absolute Adventure.