Imagine for a moment, you are on a boat in beautiful turquoise-colored water on a picture perfect day off the sunny coast of Mexico when suddenly…you spot it…not only the largest fish in the entire world, but the biggest shark in the sea! Your pulse quickens, your heart begins to pound. Whale Sharks are just next to you!



swimming with whale sharks tour

Don’t be afraid though, this is why you’ve come here, to swim with whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea. These beautiful creatures are no threat to you whatsoever as they feed almost exclusively on plankton. Ironically, the largest creature in the ocean owes its existence to the smallest.

Our private tour begins early in the morning, when we pick you up in Playa del Carmen or in the Riviera Maya and head to Cancun to get ready to head out to sea. We can fit a maximum of 10 people per boat, so you’ll be able to enjoy the ride with your friends and family. Once everyone’s settled, we head north from Isla Mujeres, pass Isla Contoy, and spend anywhere from 1 to 2 hours navigating the sea in search of whale sharks.

Once we’ve found the perfect spot to swim with whale sharks, you’ll jump into the water in pairs with one of our professional guides. That’s when the fun starts – you’ll be able to follow the whale sharks as they move through the water until you need a rest, and then the next pair can have their turn! We don’t put any limit on the number of times you can jump into the water with these fascinating creatures, so you can take as many turns as you like.

swim with whale sharks tour

When everyone’s ready to head back to land, we’ll direct the boat back towards Isla Mujeres, where you can go for a swim in the gorgeous clear blue waters or take a walk on the beautiful beaches. Meanwhile, the captain will busy preparing a delicious lunch for you, which will include fresh guacamole and ceviche, as well as fresh fruit and sandwiches. Once you’re done eating, swimming and relaxing, we’ll head back to Cancun and take you back to your hotel.

When you choose to take a private tour with us, we’ll provide every last thing you need, including life jackets, which we have in a variety of sizes to ensure your comfort. We’ll also provide you with professional snorkeling equipment that includes high-quality snorkels and masks designed to fit your face properly and keep the water out.

Since whale sharks move quickly through the water, it’s mandatory that you wear either a life jacket or a wetsuit to help you stay buoyant for safety reasons. Unlike most other tour companies, we provide you with a wetsuit at no additional cost, which will help you to snorkel fast enough to keep up with the whale sharks. Another great reason to wear a wetsuit is for protection from the sun, since the use of regular sunscreen is prohibited in order to protect the reefs. Once you add in one of our experienced certified guides who are there to help you, you’ll see why our private tours are such a great choice!

If you’ve never snorkeled before, we recommend having us take you snorkeling to Yal Ku lagoon in a calm, protected environment before heading out to swim with the whale sharks in the sea, or snorkeling in a cenote instead.

Our swimming with whale sharks tour is not designed for those who have never snorkeled before because it is much more difficult to learn how to snorkel in the open sea where the water is deeper and the waves are stronger. That’s why this exciting tour is best suited to experienced snorkelers who already know what to expect in the water.

This tour is not available for pregnant women or people with back problems, as the boat ride can be quite bumpy.

Absolute Adventure Mexico is your premier destination for this fantastic opportunity to do what few people in the world have ever done, swim with whale sharks. Our professional and savvy guides know just where to take you to ensure that you will see what you came to see, a fish the size of a school bus!

For the vacation of a lifetime and a guaranteed great time, book your dream vacation with us today and be sure to put the whale shark tour at the top of your list of incredible things to do!

The whale shark tour runs from mid-June until mid-September.

Absolute Adventure is committed to follow the Whale Sharks regulation from the Environment Agency of Mexico (SEMARNAT Acronym in Spanish), which is designed for a better protection of the species and for a healthy environment for the people involved in the activity.

Some of the key points are:

  • If less than 5 whale sharks are in the area, it is forbidden to swim with the whale sharks, but you could still sighting them from the boat.
  • With more than 5 whale sharks, people can go to snorkel by pair with a certified guide, It is only allowed 2 people per guide at the same time in the water.
  • Strictly banned touch or chase any whale sharks.
  • Distance allowed is 15 feet from the whale sharks.
  • Photos are permitted but flash is not allowed.
  • Only use of sunblock biodegradable is approved.
  • Mandatory the use of life jacket or wetsuit, snorkel, mask and fins.
  • Here more details about the whale sharks regulation.