Tulum Tour


Tulum Tour

Breathtaking! Spectacular! Beautiful! These are the words most often used when describing the Tulum ruins.
Book a Tulum tour and let Absolute Adventure be your guide as you rediscover this archeological treasure of wonder and beauty!

First of all, Tulum is the one of the most important Mayan settlements ever erected, and the best conserved on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. This is why you can’t miss the Tulum tour. Dating back to around 564 AD, Tulum served as a major trading hub for Central and South America as well as all along the Yucatan Peninsula.


Furthermore, the ruins at Tulum are unique in the fact that, walled on only three sides by stone, its opening faces the rising sun and a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea. In fact, the name Tulum comes from the Mayan word for “wall”. However, it was originally called Zama, the Mayan word for “sunrise” because of the beautiful views it provides at that time of day.


The ruins of Tulum consist of three walls and a natural barrier: a cliff leading down to a coral reef on its east side. There are only five small entrances, as well as one watch tower per side, which were important for defense as well as controlling trade. All kinds of exotic items were traded in Tulum, especially obsidian, jade, chocolate, and textiles. The most common way to purchase items was by trading cocoa beans, which were used as a type of currency.

While Tulum was founded in 564 AD, it didn’t reach its peak until the civilization’s Postclassic period, which lasted from 900 AD through the 1500s. As you enjoy your private tour of Tulum, you can explore several interesting buildings that are representative of the Yucatan’s coastal architecture at the time.


El Castillo, the main temple, mirrors the design of the city itself with its three walls. On the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the sun shines directly into the temple as it rises. This was done intentionally, since the Mayans were fascinated by astronomy and became experts at predicting astronomical events.

Another interesting site is the Temple of the Frescoes, which contains impressive paintings that are some of the finest existing examples of Mayan artwork. Other sites include well-preserved houses like the House of the Cenote, a former watchtower that is located above a former cenote.


Finally, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the Descending God, also known as the Honeybee God. You can find depictions of this figure on several temples throughout the walled city, including the namesake Temple of the Descending God.

We know the best times to take you on your exclusive tour to avoid the crowds. Be sure to bring a bathing suit because afterwards, you can take a swim in the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean or lie on the white sandy beaches and just enjoy the magic of it all.


After visiting Tulum, we offer additional activities for a day trip: for those who love history and the Mayan civilization, we can combine a visit to Tulum with excursions to the Muyil or Coba ruins. If you’d prefer to cool off, we suggest going snorkeling in a cenote or with turtles, as well as making a stop at a traditional Mexican restaurant. View our price list and contact us for more details on the itineraries available for your Tulum tour.


So make sure the Tulum tour is at the top of your list of things to experience and Absolute Adventure is the company to take you there!

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