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Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Tour: A Day in Paradise

Each day, dozens of tourists head to Isla Mujeres to relax on its white sand beaches, swim in its luxuriously warm waters, view its abundant marine life, and explore its caves, reefs, and Maya ruins. If all of this sounds like paradise to you, then be sure to reserve your very own Isla Mujeres tour!

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Isla Mujeres is a narrow 5-mile long Caribbean island located just a few miles northeast of Cancun. In Pre-Columbian times, the Maya civilization considered the island to be a sacred place dedicated to Ix Chel, the goddess of medicine and childbirth.Since the island featured so many depictions of goddesses, the Spanish named the island Isla Mujeres (literally “Women Island”) when they arrived in the 16th century.


While the Maya primarily used the island for religious purposes and to collect the salt produced by its lagoons, in recent years it has become a popular tourist destination.

From mid-September through mid-May, we offer tours of Isla Mujeres for groups of four or more people. We’ll start the day by picking you up from Playa del Carmen and driving to Punta Sam in North Cancun before continuing on to Isla Mujeres.


Our first activity will be to take you on a boat tour of the island, allowing you to marvel at the beautiful colors, serene waters, and rugged nature of the western side before moving on to the eastern side of the island.

Once you’ve set foot on Isla Mujeres, your guide will take you to explore the island from the comfort of a golf cart, stopping at sites like the Punta Sur museum, which features the remains of a small Maya temple and modern sculptures of various Maya gods.


Of course you can also stop whenever you want to take a photo! After having lunch in one of the island’s popular restaurants, we’ll head back to the boat and you can end the day with reef snorkeling.

About our Isla Mujeres Tours:

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