If you like to snorkel, then you will absolutely love our snorkeling with turtles tour. This is one of our most popular tours and is guaranteed to give you the incredible adventure you are looking for, and one that you will remember for a lifetime!



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Picture yourself for a moment, swimming atop pristine waters of cerulean blue as a color wheel of life explodes just beneath you in a world under the waves. The sea is vividly alive with creatures often only seen in underwater documentaries.


You’ll find inspiration in the natural beauty of the shallow reef at Akumal Bay, where you’ll swim with sea turtles and watch in awe as stingrays skirt the reef floor creating clouds of swirling sand on their hunt for food. Additionally, beautiful tropical fish abound along with barracudas and the rare eagle ray.


Akumal is a word from the Mayan language that means “place of the turtles”, which is fitting since you’re guaranteed to see beautiful green sea turtles when you visit the area. Green sea turtles frequent the area because they primarily feed on seagrass that can be found there all year long.


Akumal Bay is considered to be one of the best places in the Riviera Maya to swim with turtles because the protected bay makes snorkeling here such an easy, relaxing experience. There aren’t many waves in the shallow, clear water, which makes it a perfect fit for snorkelers of all skill levels.

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When you choose to take a private tour with us, we’ll provide every last thing you need, including mandatory life jackets, which we have in a variety of sizes to ensure your comfort.


We’ll also provide you with professional snorkeling equipment that includes high-quality snorkels and masks designed to fit your face properly and keep the water out. Since using sunscreen is prohibited in order to protect the reefs, we’ll also offer you a wetsuit to protect you from the sun and improve your buoyancy.


Add in one of our experienced certified guides who are there to help watch your children, provide tips for beginner snorkelers, and adapt the turtles tour to your skill levels, and you’ll see why our private tours are such a great choice!

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We can also plan a day trip for you that includes swimming with turtles. For history lovers, we recommend visiting an archaeological site like Tulum. If you prefer the water, we can instead take you snorkeling in a cenote as well as in the ocean to see turtles! Of course, any day trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping for lunch at a traditional Mexican restaurant. View our price list and contact us for more details on the itineraries available for your snorkeling with turtles day trip.


Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced snorkeler, or have always just wanted to try it, we adapt our tour to your level of expertise so you can just have fun!

So be sure to book your snorkeling with turtles tour with Absolute Adventure, because we promise you and your family a safe, exciting and fun…absolute adventure!

2017 Akumal Bay Regulation:  Absolute Adventure Mexico works with authorized guides from the CONANP (Protected Areas Agency) and the cooperatives who have permits to do the activity of swimming with turtles.

  • Snorkeling is allowed from 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Activities of snorkeling are not allowed on Mondays, as well as during the months of September and February.
  • The activity is organized in groups of 6 persons maximum with an authorized guide for 55 minutes maximum.
  • It is totally forbidding touch, feed, chase, retain, any wild life specimen.

For more information about the regulation click here.