Why should you tour to the Sian Kaan Reserve?


What can you expect from a place called in Mayan Language (Sian Ka’an): Doors of the sky or Origin of the sky…? Well, just an amazing day to explore the natural wonders of Mexico! This is why booking a tour to the Sian Kaan Reserve during your holidays is a great idea!


Sian Kaan biosphere reserve is located 20/30 minutes south of Tulum. In 1987 UNESCO declared the national park World Heritage Property for its amazing pristine beaches, mangroves, marshes and reef. This reserve provides a unique environment for the flora and fauna living in it.


Key facts about the Sian Kaan reserve:

  • The Biosphere Reserve is 652,000 hectares (1.3 million acres!) – It is part of the biggest protected area “Reserva del Caribe Mexico”. Sian Ka’an is about twice the size of Rhode Island, USA!
  • With 75 miles/120km of coast, its reef area is part of the second largest barrier of coral reef of the world, the Mesoamerica reef.
  • One third of the biosphere is covered with mangroves. Mangroves contribute to the reproduction of fishes and protect the land from natural disasters.
  • Sian Ka’an has a unique form of islands called “Peten”. These islands are around 0,6miles/1km of diameter and made of fresh water trees.
  • The reserve is home to more than 300 species of birds (most of them breeding there), mammals such like jaguar, ocelots and central tapir. But also crocodiles, manatees and dolphins!
  • Its beaches are one of the most important nesting areas of sea turtles, receiving 4 of the 7 species of sea turtles of the world (green turtles, loggerhead, hawksbill, leatherback).
  • There are around 20 Mayans ruins inside of the Reserve (the most important one being Muyil).


Sian Kaan was a very important area for the Mayans and a main commercial channel. Mayan made several canals through the reserve to connect the different lagoons with the ocean and the land.


One of the best and easier way to enjoy and discover the biosphere is to book your Sian Kaan tour departing from Muyil. You will be able to boat through these lagoons and even to swim and float in the Mayan canals!



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