Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving

If you’ve always wanted to try scuba diving but aren’t prepared to take an entire certification course yet, consider the Discover Scuba Diving experience! This PADI program is designed for any aspiring divers over the age of 10 that are interested in learning basic scuba diving skills in shallow water before signing up for a certification course in deeper water.

The Discover Scuba Diving experience begins in either a pool or a very shallow area of the sea with one of our expertly trained private instructors. Once you learn how to use scuba equipment such as a mask, snorkel, fins, tank, regulator, dive gauges, and a buoyancy control device, you’ll start out by learning how to breathe underwater. As you learn basic scuba diving skills and begin to improve, you’ll find that you can relax and enjoy how peaceful the buoyancy of the water is. You’ll also be able to explore underwater and view the beautiful marine life that fills the pristine Caribbean waters surrounding you.


We offer our dives in Playa del Carmen, as well as in Akumal, where you’re guaranteed to view sea turtles.


If you enjoyed the Discover Scuba Diving experience and have decided to take the plunge and get certified, we can apply your dive and the basic skills you learned in your pool sessions to the Open Water Diver certification course. Once you have your Open Water Diver certification, you’ll be able to dive anywhere in the world!