Taj Maha

Diving in Cenote Taj Maha

Cenote Taj Maha was initially, and rightfully so, named after the famous Indian temple because of its natural wondrous allure and breathtaking beauty. It has since been renamed Taj Maha, appropriately enough, as ‘ha’ means ‘water’ in Mayan. Diving here is a delight for both cavern and cave divers as the cenote is full of hidden treasures and beautiful sights, and should be on every must dive list for those who find themselves in the Riviera Maya.

Much of the popularity and love of Cenote Taj Maha can be attributed to the diversity of the underwater environment that has been known to change from season to season with different movement of the sun. During the summer months in particular, from about March through September, the first room known as “Point of Light” has small holes in the ceiling that light shines through offering up a laser-like light show that is one of the most spectacular of all the cenotes in the area. Regardless of the time of year, though, the light displays and visually stunning appeal of Cenote Taj Maha are not diminished.


The light show continues along the dive which leads to a fascinating halocline, a point where salt and fresh water mix, where the light can create a mirroring effect. Hundreds of towering stalactites and stalagmites line sections of the dive, in addition keep your eyes open and try to spot some of the hidden fossils. During the dive you will surface in an air-filled section called the Sugarbowl where you might be lucky enough to spot one of the sacred Mayan birds of the cenote.

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Please Note: An open water diver certification (or equivalent) is required for cavern cenote dives. If you aren’t certified, we will be happy to introduce you to diving!

What to bring:

  • Your diving equipment
  • Your certification card
  • Swimming suit & towel
  • Sun glasses & cap
  • Biodegradable sunblock


  • Experienced certified Instructor
  • 2 tanks & weights
  • Nitrox for nitrox certified divers
  • Water, Cookies
  • Lunch in a restaurant
  • Pick up and drop off from Playa Del Carmen


  • Diving equipment (15 USD per day)


  • Book a Professional Photographer

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