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Cenote Dive Sites

We offer cenote diving adventures at all of the cenotes in the area between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. You will find below the list of cenote dive sites we can propose you. Our trips include 2 tank dives, so we can either do two different lines in one cenote, or we can visit two different cenotes. Based on your previous diving experience, time, budget, and expectations, we’ll help you select the perfect cenote diving adventure for your group!

We offer cenote dives in: Chac Mool, Chikin Ha, Ponderosa El Eden, Taj Maha and Dos Ojos (price range 1), as well as Angelita, Dreamgate, Pet Cemetery, Casa Cenote, Gran Cenote, El Pit, Car Wash Aktun Ha, and Temple of Doom (price range 2). As you can see, the cenotes are divided into two different price ranges. Since the cenotes in price range 2 are farther away or have more expensive entrance fees, we have to charge slightly more to visit them.

Cenote dive sites – Price Range 1

Cenote dive sites – Price Range 2