Cenote Chac Mool

Diving in Cenote Chac Mool

Cenote Chac Mool

With large open rooms and a maximum depth of only 40 feet, Cenote Chac Mool is a perfect spot for novice scuba divers, but there is plenty of exciting and amazing things to see and experience making this a great spot for divers of all skill levels. And, as home to one of the world’s largest stalagtites, this popular location is a dive that should not be missed.


During the dive you will pass remarkable formations as well as underwater trees and branches. As you descend to about 30 feet you’ll experience the astonishing visual effects of a halocline, the point at where salt and sea water mix creating a hazy, dreamlike scene. And if you dive Cenote Chac Mool during the summer months the surface of the water is often covered with a blooming algae which means you’ll be treated to the ethereal appearance of a “green sky.” Or dive during the winter months and you’ll be treated to a translucent view.

Cenote Chac Mool

From Cenote Chac Mool divers can also access Kukulcan and Little Brother Cenote. Here the dive begins in an amazing, azure colored pond that is crystal clear. Another halocline area can be experienced here at about 30 feet deep where the different light and reflections are mesmerizing.


There are unique rock and crystal formations to be explored along the walls and sides of the cenote, but the true star of this dive is the breathtaking natural light show that occurs in this dark, underwater world. It is as if a curtain of light is spread throughout the water. During the dive we’ll also make sure that you look up to catch the rainbow colors overhead. This awe inspiring scene is indescribable and a feast for the eyes.

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Please Note: An open water diver certification (or equivalent) is required for cavern cenote dives. If you aren’t certified, we will be happy to introduce you to diving!

What to bring:

  • Your diving equipment
  • Your certification card
  • Swimming suit & towel
  • Sun glasses & cap
  • Biodegradable sunblock


  • Experienced certified Instructor
  • 2 tanks & weights
  • Nitrox for nitrox certified divers
  • Water, Cookies
  • Lunch in a restaurant
  • Pick up and drop off from Playa Del Carmen


  • Diving equipment (15 USD per day)


  • Book a Professional Photographer

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