Diving in Cenote

Book our cenote diving pack and explore cenotes in the location known for ‘the best cavern and cave diving in the world’

Immerse yourself in delightful, stress-free cenote diving adventures in the jungle beneath the crystal clear waters of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Cenote Aktun ha

Cenotes are sink holes in the jungle floor that hold fresh water at and near the surface and (usually) salt water farther down. The ancient Mayans considered cenotes to be sacred wells connecting two worlds. Every time you dive into one, you’ll understand why: they are magical, inexpressibly beautiful underwater worlds.


Inside a cenote, you’ll be astonished and delighted at every turn to witness an array of mind-blowing lighting effects, geological formations, fossils, and other hidden treasures.


One of the most fascinating natural features of cenotes is the fact that they contain both salt water and fresh water. Some parts of cenotes are filled with salt water since they are connected to the nearby ocean, while the surface water is fresh water that reaches the cenotes via rain. In many cenotes, you can observe a beautiful natural phenomenon called a halocline, which occurs when the fresh and salt water mix. As flashlight or sunlight passes through the halocline, it creates a blurry visual effect due to the different water densities that is truly breathtaking to observe.


In some cenotes, you may also find small cloudy areas of sulfur created by decomposing vegetation that has fallen into the water. With a quick dive, you can easily reach the cenote’s crystal clear waters again.


Cenotes also feature geological formations such as stalactites, which hang down from the cave ceiling, and stalagmites, which rise from the cave floor. They also contain tons of other hidden treasures for you to uncover, including fossils of coral, beautiful shells, animal bones, and sometimes even ancient Mayan artifacts such as ceramics!

Go cenote diving with us!

If you’re interested in exploring cenotes during your trip to the Riviera Maya, go on a cenote diving adventure with us! We offer two different types of cenote diving: “cavern” diving for recreational divers and “cave” diving for experienced cave divers.


All recreational divers with open water diver certification (or equivalent) can join us for “cavern” diving, the easiest way to explore the region’s beautiful cenotes. Cavern diving is especially great for beginners since all of your diving will take place in large passages and big cave chambers, with only one line to follow and always near to exits if you want to leave the water. You need standard diving equipment and we will provide you lights, plus you’ll always be following by anexperienced guide who has full cave diver certification from an international diving organization. We also recommend you wear a 3mm wetsuit (or 5 mm if you get cold easily) since you will be diving in fresh water.


Experienced cave divers looking for more of a challenge can also take advantage of our “cave” dives, which require full cave diver certification from an international diving organization (TDI/IANTD or equivalent). You can contact us for more details about these dives.

Which cenotes will we visit?

We offer cenote diving adventures at all of the cenotes in the area between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Our trips include 2 tank dives, so we can either do two different lines in one cenote, or we can visit two different cenotes. Based on your previous diving experience, time, budget, and expectations, we’ll help you select the perfect cenote diving adventure for your group!


We offer cenote dives in: Chac Mool, Chikin Ha, Ponderosa El Eden, Taj Maha and Dos Ojos (price range 1), as well as Angelita, Dreamgate, Pet Cemetery, Casa Cenote, Gran Cenote, El Pit, Car Wash Aktun Ha, and Temple of Doom (price range 2). As you can see, the cenotes are divided into two different price ranges. Since the cenotes in price range 2 are farther away or have more expensive entrance fees, we have to charge slightly more to visit them.


Almost all of these cenotes are used for shallow dives (average 10 m/30 ft). The two exceptions are Angelita and El Pit (max 30-40 m/80-120 ft), which require a minimum of Advanced Open Water Diver certification. If you want to go below 30 m/90 ft at these two sites, you’ll also need to have Deep Diver Specialty certification or the equivalent.


Special Perk: When you choose a cenote dive with us, we’ll take you into the jungle early, before the crush of visitors forces you to dive shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers. Cenote diving is easy, safe to do and there will be a professional cave diver guide with you every flipper-kick of the way.


Are you ready to explore one-of-a-kind wonders you won’t see anywhere else in the world? Let’s go!

Want to dive more?

To enjoy the best diving holidays around, ask about our packages!

Cenotes Pack:

3 days of Cenotes

Discover Pack:

3 days exploring Akumal, cenotes, and Cozumel

Full Pack:

4 days exploring Playa del Carmen, Akumal, cenotes, and Cozumel

You can also build your own package!

Please Note: An open water diver certification (or equivalent) is required for dives in cenotes. If you aren’t certified we will be glad to introduce you to diving!

About our scuba diving experience:

  • From discover scuba diving to divemaster, we propose all Padi courses with private PADI instructor.
  • For certified divers we propose private fun dives in Cenotes, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Puerto Morelos, Cozumel.
  • We have multiple diving sites to choose from, depending on your experience level and preference.
  • All our staff is composed of professional diving instructors and cave divers.

What to bring:

  • Your diving equipment
  • Your certification card
  • Swimming suit & towel
  • Sun glasses & cap
  • Biodegradable sunblock


  • Experienced certified Instructor
  • 2 tanks & weights
  • Nitrox for nitrox certified divers
  • Water, Cookies
  • Lunch in a restaurant
  • Pick up and drop off from Playa Del Carmen


  • Diving equipment (15 USD per day)


  • Book a Professional Photographer

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