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What is the Safe Travels certificate?

You are going to start to see many places around the world using the Safe Travels stamp, but what does it really mean and provides you? When you select your travel or tour agency, how to make sure the Safe Travels certificate is true?

Who established the Safe Travels Certificate?

The Safe Travels certificate has been established by WTTC, the World Travel & Tourism Council.
They aim at representing the global private sector of Travel & Tourism to ensure the sector is “seamless, secure, safe and sustainable”. In the case of the Safe Travels program, the protocols is setting up commom standards taking into account current WHO and CDC guidelines.


How to get the Safe Travels Certificate?

In the case of Mexico, the state of Quintana Roo has committed to set up a protocol and certification process for all companies that would like to participate and align with the WTTC protocols.

As of today more than 6,000 companies in Quintana Roo have applied to participate to the program. Not all of them have been certified (yet).

  • To get the certificate, you need to be an official registered company, and have all your legal documentation, declarations and taxes in order.
  • You need also to set up a sanitary protocole for your company, training for your staff and the proofs of implementation of your protocole (with reports and pictures).

Once a company gets certified:

  • They are delivered with a certificate CCPPSIT, where figures the name of the company, its registration number and a QR code that links to the SEDETUR, secretary of tourism so that people can check that the certificate is true.
  • They are allowed to use the Safe Travels logo on their website, marketing and social media campaigns.

How to verify the certificate?

Before booking any services, we recommend you check if the company has the CCPSIT certificate and verify it with the QR code.
Many could be tempt to use the logo without going through the whole process, and makes the market with unfair competition.
This process and certification is a commitment from the legal companies operating in Riviera Maya to offer the best and safest experience possible to the travelers in our beautiful destination.

Absolute Adventure is Safe Travels Certified

On 6,000 + companies that submitted their files to get the certificate, we are proud to be the 30th company to obtain the certificate!

You can consult our protocoles on our dedicated page.

Choosing a private tour is even more important today than before. Not only it will offer you a unique exclusive experience but also a safest one!

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