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If you’re interested in learning more about the ancient Maya civilization, consider visiting our Muyil ruins, located just south of Tulum!



Muyil, which is also known as Chunyaxché, is one of the oldest Maya sites in the area, and contains artifacts that date as far back as the 4th century BC. While it is located inland from the Caribbean coast, the Maya built impressive canals to connect it to an important Caribbean trade route that was once used to trade everything from jade and obsidian to feathers and chocolate.

muyil maya ruins

When you join our Muyil tour, you’ll get to take part in all kinds of exciting activities. For many, the highlight of the tour is visiting El Castillo, a partially restored temple that is the most impressive architectural ruin on the site. Archaeologists have found evidence that the Maya used it as an observation platform and used signal fires atop it, possibly to guide merchant vessels.
In addition to viewing El Castillo, you’ll see dozens of other structures built by the Maya as we walk along a boardwalk through the beautiful trees and flowers of the jungle to the Sian Ka’an lagoon. If you’re feeling adventurous, we can take you to the observation tower, which provides breathtaking views of the entire Muyil site, the surrounding jungle and lagoons, and the Caribbean Sea in the distance. However, you might want to skip this part if you’re afraid of heights or unsteady on your feet, since the large wooden structure requires you to climb lots of steep stairs.

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Either way, you can conclude your Muyil tour by opting to take a boat ride around the gorgeous Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, which is home to fascinating animals like crocodiles, monkeys, and jaguars! If you want to know even more about our tours of Muyil, feel free to contact us.