6 Reasons to Book an Early Morning Tulum Tour

tulum early morning tour

6 Reasons to Book an Early Morning Tulum Tour.

Enjoying a lie-in is an important part of your vacation in Riviera Maya, so you may not be thinking of booking an early morning Tulum Tour.

Our early morning Tulum tours arrive when they open at 8am. There’s no line at the ticket office and restrooms, so walk right in and get started. What a difference from arriving later in the day... Here are 6 good reasons to make you think again!

Beat the crowds

Beat the crowds

Tulum Ruins are a must-see for anyone enjoying a vacation in Riviera Maya. This ancient Mayan site is the second most popular archaeological site after Chichen Itza, attracting thousands of visitors every day. Dozens of coaches deliver hordes of visitors from 9.30an onwards, but the site opens much earlier for the best early morning tours of the amazing Tulum Ruins.

Better pictures

Better photographs

Arriving early means you can take beautiful atmospheric pictures of the Tulum Ruins and its stunning coastal location when no-one else is around. Professional photographers say that the best light for taking photographs is early or late in the day.

First to the beach

First to the beach!

Once you’ve explored the ruins on your early morning Tulum Tour, head to the beach for a cooling dip. Be first to make footprints in the sand!

avoid heat

Avoid the heat with early morning Tulum tours

The dusty site of the Tulum Ruins quickly becomes hot and sticky as you walk around. Our early morning Tulum Tour allows you to fully enjoy the experience in the cooler morning air.


See more wildlife

Get the chance to see (and hear) some of the beautiful birds and indigenous coatis that inhabit the park.  Once the crowds arrive, they quickly hide.

relax cenote

Pack more into the day

Early morning Tulum Tours mean you will have time to do something else in the afternoon, like coof off in a cenote! While other groups are out on the road, you can be relaxing by the cenote or sharing your photos with friends back home.

An early morning Tulum Tour is definitely the best way to beat the crowds, avoid the heat, take beautiful photos and get the most from your visit. It pays to be an early bird!

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