What to drink in the Riviera Maya? Tips to be safe!


Drinking during your vacation on the Mexican Caribbean is part of the game!!! Please, play safe and know more about water, drinks and alcohol!!!

Hydration during your holidays is really important due the heat and the activities you going to perform. That is why is really important to know more of what you could drink to keep you healthy and happy



Key rule: only drink purified water! Tap water in Mexico is not safe, nobody drink it, local don’t drink it. You can find purified water everywhere, in any shop, restaurant, pharmacy, drugstore… And all hotels, resorts can provide you with water bottles and fill it in your hotel. Drinks with ice water are safe because the ice made with purified water as well!


Drinking water sometimes is not enough. Indeed purified water doesn’t contain any mineral that your body requires, especially when in a tropical climate. So don’t hesitate to get electrolytes, sport drinks or any type of drinks containing minerals to keep your body hydrated. If you are a scuba diver, this is even more important!

Soft drinks!


Fruit water is a Mexican drink where they mix the squeezed fruit with water. It is really fresh and don`t have the same amount of fruit like a fruit juice or a licuado. Fruit juice is the pure squeeze of the fruit (it can sometimes be dense depending on the fruit). And the licuado is a shake from any fruit /flavour mixed with milk or yogurt.


Mexico loves sodas! We have some many flavours and you will like our special Coke with real cane sugar. You will find plenty sodas to choose from local and international companies.

Alcohol drinks*!


Do you know Corona beer? Well it is not coincidence if we are the first exporter of beers in the world! Also we have a growing artisanal brewing around the Yucatan peninsula. Remember to ask for the local beers, you will surely find some testy ones.


Tequila vs Mezcal…

They are the most iconic drinks from Mexico. Let’s be clear about the difference between them. Tequila is made from a specific Agave (cactus) versus Mezcal use 14 different types of agave.

Tequila is processed in an industrial way while Mezcal is made in an artisanal way using even some animals in the process! (to add some flavour…).

Around 80% of tequila production and 60% of mezcal are export to USA.


Remember always try to avoid Straws (popote in spanish). They are in unnecessary single use plastics, and the drinks are colder close to your lips!! If you need to mix your drink, you can always ask for a metal spoon.



*Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.