Mexican Celebrations

Mexican celebrations


Why do Mexican party a lot? There are a lot of Mexican Celebrations and…

….Mexicans love parties… it is famous around the world that we like to enjoy a big meal with some tequila and our favorite Mexican music. Any chance, opportunity, free time is great to celebrate and party!

Like any country we have special celebrations. Some are really important for our country, our honour, our history & cultural heritage, and others are to remember our loved ones. Let’s dig a little more in these important Mexican Celebrations!

5th of May (It is not our independence day)

The famous 5th of May (“Drinkodemayo” for some people) was a battle that Mexico won against the French army in 1862. For Americans is a day for celebrating the Mexican-American culture.

In Mexico it is celebrated with a military parade but it is not one of the most important dates for Mexicans. Sometimes this date is confused with the Independence Day, which is in 16th September.

16th of September. Independence Day

In 1810 Mexico started his independence war from Spain. We like to remember putting the colours of our flag everywhere, eating tacos and screaming VIVA MEXICO! It’s the famous “Grito” on the main squares of any city on the night of 15th.

12th of October. Day of the Race

Christopher Colombus discovered America in 1492 on the same date. For Latin-Americans, it is the day we commemorate our cultural fusion with Europe.

1st of November. Day of the death

We celebrate our dead ones paying tribute to them. We believe that their soul gets back to the real world to be with us and so that we can help them in their spiritual journey. In 2008, the tradition was added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

20th of November. Revolution Day

Do you imagine Mexicans with a big moustache and a big hat? Well all the revolutionary guys looked like that! On that day of 1910, Mexican threw Porfirio Diaz dictatorship that ruled Mexico for 35 years.

12th of December. Day of the Virgin Guadalupe.

It is one of the most iconic and venerated Virgin for Catholics on Mexico. In this date the virgin appeared to the indigenous Juan Diego. The Virgin is brunette and looks likes the people from Mexico, that is why a lot of Latin-Americans feel empathy for her.

31th December New Year Eve!

It is the night you need to be prepared to drink, dance and eat until the sunrise! We eat 12 grapes for each month and made wishes for each one! Cancun Playa de Carmen and Riviera Maya are great places to party all night long by the Caribbean Sea.


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